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It’s all coming together for ludia

Let’s see tanks are now fodder for anything and there attack is pitiful, nulifiers are basically non existent in the current meta, evasive gets buffed, Rex gen two goes in almost two events twice, indom gen2 being in an event as gets a strike event and incubator sold almost twice in a row, blue having been in event, blue being in the alliance rewards for two weeks, raptors get a scent, now indo gen 2 gets a hybrid pursuit, it gets a buff to cautious strike, blue becomes creature of the month, maxima nerfed to not counter indos,

This is now on sale along with boosts and coin And the update goes out tomorrow
Behold ludias new cash Dino

The days of the rat and pro rat are gone there is only white boi Indie


To be honest, when you look at it like this it’s not even subtle is it?

As we all know the sales for Ludia have been terrible since we were screwed over with the boost debacle in 1.10.

So Ludia come up with this for 1.11.

And I just know that people will pump money into this like there’s no tomorrow :thinking:


And now people will take all there boosts to rats and just pump them in this guy so basically thxs @ludia developers ya ruined ur game even further no one thought it was possible but ya did it anyway


Be patient bois,now we will see IndoG2 everywhere for at least 2 months…


Lol alright see him every where like basically all the prorats just became indo gen 2 users

And actually adding some more stuff they done now that I think about it I believe they honestly been planning this since 1.8

Make it 3 or 4

The truth is in this thread.


Like when you look at it full it just is unbelievable huh

I normally beat it by just doing superiority strike the whole time. I never have a problem with it.

Yeah its like they did a whole set of balancing patches around monetization raptor.

I said as much in the announcement thread. There not even trying to pretend they dont balance for monetization purposes.

Power creep is a thing and I expect new patches to have 1-2 that are over tuned… even clash royale suffers from this. Heck there newly released battle healer is op as heck. But they removed alot of chances at monetization of it by letting anyone who unlocks it be able to play it at tower level for this season…

Ludia is like yeah were gonna do some nerfs that accomplish little… then were gonna nerf its most played counter. Then were gonna sell incubators for its fusing component for those that dont live near an l1. Then were gonna sell boosts at full price on cyber monday so you can get yours boosted before the patch hits.

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Never had an issue with Indo Gen2. I was able to kill it very easily with Thor in my last battle. The battle before it, it decided to do mutual fury on my Indom after pretty much Cautious Striking me to death. I ended up one shotting it with a 5k crit. It is not really difficult to battle.

Welcome to the new Indo Gen 2 meta. I trust you will find the accommodations worthwhile.

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Lol not o oh that they know mutlifuse will be coming so they are stock up and tomorrow ya can just fuse ALL OF IT

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Yes there splend sir ummmm why is there a dead rat on the floor

It was the previous mascot but we don’t talk about her


Lol rat is kaput. Mexichicken is plucked and cooked extra crispy and fed to ravenous carnivores


And indo gen 1 is reduced to being a servant to the master of CS spam

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They could atleast sell some diplodocus incubators. Tring to make it seem like they aint tring to monetize indo g2 three days after they made maxima no longer counter it.

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Also erlidom is being hung and cut as wel speak.

Down the dinning hall there are the ankylosaurs we leave them there as they serve no purpose

On the left you can see the founder of this establishment

Then we have the hall of boost each with Dinos that we’re once op but now are cut down by indo gen 2. There was stegod, trex, monostegotops, Indoraptor, Dracos swap in DSR and the the top position, Maxima


Lol or they could give of quetza so we can make more orions