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It’s an epic kinda day


Don’t know about anybody else but I have had 4 epic dino’s so far today.
T. rex
Is it a lucky day for me or has anybody else had an increase in epics today as well.


Epicly bad week for my collecting. But just before that I got 3 T-Rex 2 at my door.

Hope everyone getting good spawn fills their boots.


My best day ever was 16 epics in one day. At one point on my screen I even had 3 epics at the same time.


Wow , am not making this up just had 2 more T Rex’s and a pyrotator.
There was a spino raptor I could not get too as well.
Be good if there was something that showed you what you have darted in the day.


I’m seeing a dry spell this week on epics. Usually I’ll get 4-6 a day in my area. But This week only saw one epic. Hopefully I’ll see more by the end of the week.


I’ve had at least one a day since the update. Today, 2 Rexes and a Spinosaurus. My most in a day was 5. :smiley:


Oh what… I hardly see any where I am , that’s why I thought 5 was a lot in one day :frowning:


Today at 1:30 AM I see a sinoceratops spawn just past the 200 meter mark near my house. Decided to go get it of course, hopped on the bike, along the way a baryonyx spawned. Got the baryonyx Dna, and quickly got the sinoceratops. At the edge of the corner another baryonyx popped up. Within 5 mins of exercising, I acquired 3 epics. Not a bad way to spend the morning.


I get one epic every 2 or three weeks no exaggeration lol the only reason I have two on my team is from a park event and battle incubators


This was not today, but still a lucky day!

I usually don’t note down the spawning cause I go back and forth the work on the bus so I can catch just the dinos in range, but I can confirm there is a huge increase of epic and rare spawnings.

Happy hunting to you all! :star_struck: