It’s an invisible battle I guess?


I pulled up the Control Center on my iPhone to turn low power mode on…when I pulled it back down my moveset, my team, and my opponent’s dino had mysteriously disappeared! :face_with_monocle: the game is, as they say, afoot


Hey jelly, that is a bit weird, if this happens again, try closing the game and relaunching it and see if that helps. Reach out to our support team with more information and a screenshot so they can investigate this further. Our team can be reached here at support+forums@ludia, and also include your support key in the email.


This happens every time you pull out your control center, pull down your notification bar, or switch apps for a second. It even happens if your iPhone pops the low battery warning. Your only hope when this happens is force closing game and very quickly opening it again, hoping you are still in time to turn the tides of battle.


sigh their devs need to work on this code, so buggy