It’s been one of those days....please help


Okay so for the past three weeks or so I’ve been balancing around the rank of 2900-3000 with my current team. Today though… today I lost 400 rank. All day today I’ve just been wanting incubators but instead it’s loss after loss. Here is a pic of my current team and top Dino’s. Please help.


There is nothing wrong with your team for your rank. I would swap out the Kentro for the armargo but apart from that you should be OK.

I think you are just having a bad spell. We all have them. Maybe think about your tactics more. You have 30s between attacks to figure out what is best.


Could you please tell us know what kind of dinos you usually face and if something changed that created this loss? If you faced some new dino, we are here to help you and give you an advice on what is your best counter in this moment.
If not, this was either Rng bad luck or people going up / down in the arenas. For these two issue, just close the arena, keep farming dna on your nearby and then come back into battle ater some times.

In any case, see if you can learn some more good strategy from your opponents, be smart, don’t spam your velo or gorgo as openers, keep them as a fast surprise for mid battle, taking out the half dead opponent and prepare the big hit for the one will come out later.

I don’t remember well what are now the current dinos in that arena, if you meet often stegoceratopo, open with an immune dino (as anchilocodonte), and so on.

Hope this helps.


Well first of all: definitely amargocepha in kentro out. Other than this,maybe einosuchus instead of ankylocodon or possimetrodon instead of monolophosaurus but this is about preferences. What kind of strategy are you playing to hold. Amargo is better than kentro by far tho change that


Definitely swap kentro for amarg, ankylocodon is a tank, it’s shield can’t be shattered and you can slow down any Dino (apart from one’s with immunity) ready for another Dino to enter the battle, I use ankylocodon at 3.3k, mines level 16 close to 17 and I love using it


Ankylocodon is great and mine is the same level. But - i found out last night that a well-timed Rex can shatter the 'Codon’s shield. It only happened once, but if it happened once, it could happen again, so if your opponent switches to a rex, switch to a rex counter, because poor little 'Codon just can’t take it.


Thanks for everyone’s advice and concern, but lately I’ve been facing lvl 18 Velo or Allosaurus, Indominus Rex, Stegodeus, hell I even saw someone with a Monominus. I’m still encountering all these even at rank 2600! I don’t want to call cheaters, but this is just lame. I’m not quitting though, I’ll keep pushing and keep you guys updated. Thanks again.


If that is the case trust me ankylocodon is a bad idea. Yes he is a good survivor but he has far low damage


I’d get the steg in there. I’m almost at 4k trophies with legendaries in my lineup and still use him. He’s currently at lvl 21 and about to be 22. He’s an all round solid dino and his DNA is easy to get.