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It’s been said before but


My hopes for the next update is magna gets 130 speed would be a beauty with nullify. Even if health and damage stay the same.

Tuora gets instant charge instead of GSI. Maybe a bit more love too.

They need to add some new faces in the upper arena. Variety is lacking


I’m glad you’re saying it again @Sean_Tes
Hope the devs listen… these 2 “uniques” are just Dino food as they stand now


More likely is iguanodon gets swap in nullifying rampage, as a gross miscalculation, and fixed in 1.7.


They are trending in the right direction with balancing but still no reason for uniques to be so bad


Those two could actually be fixed just with swap in abilities - I do suspect ludia has been working towards testing Sia to bring it to uniques and legendaries, and those two, and utanirex if they nerf distracting rampage, are good candidates for those changes.

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Hmm well if Ludia is pushing new SIAs for unique/legendary hybrids, would it be too farfetched to say, Magna should receive Swap-In Nullifying Rampage/Impact? Now, I don’t have Magna so I’m not entirely sure if this would help the poor soul out.

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Swap in nullify would be quite good too.


Currently my L21 Draco G2 is keeping my L21 Magna and L22 Tuora on the bench …


My 20 Draco has my 25 tuora on the bench haha. My Magna has no place at 21.


Ouch … would have thought by L25 it would be more useful; I did have mine on the team for a while but then unlocked and levelled Thor …


Yeah I just checked your team. Looking good


Thanks - really improved it a lot over Christmas adding Thor and Utarinex (as well as Magna and Tuora) and levelled Suchotator 3 (4?) levels (thanks to Sand Dunes) and levelled both Stegodeus and Indoraptor to L26 - should get Stegodeus to L27 later today. Just hit 4771 trophies and wondering whether to camp or not … I think my team is worthy of higher but have been knocked back to almost 4500 recently.


Yep yep I know it’s hard right now. I was 5200 last week. Now just got back above 5000. Last week I was ranked I think 4 or 5 in sand dunes haha. Now like 18


What’s your in-game name?


Cdncowboy (10 characters)


Ah! :bulb: I see you at 17th, I’m 23rd. Nice team … I get my backside gift wrapped and mailed back to me 90% of the time when I go up against Erlidominus or Trykosaurus. If that has got you to 5000 I doubt I will get much higher than I am … can’t decide whether camping is worth the additional 25,000 coins and 180 cash …

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