It’s freezing out, JWA could be improved in the winter by:

How has the weather affected everyone’s gameplay? Motivation? Etc…

Any suggestions on how they could make this less of a seasonal game ?

My vote: more event spawns. It looks like they went the opposite direction in the 1.5 update and it makes hunting in the cold soo much worse.
Supplement this with shorter event respawn periods.


Going through the rainy season here so I’m not going out as much as I did .I’ve got three green spawns that are just outside and a strike tower but it’s howling it down so can’t go get them so unless it stops I’ll be missing them all . And I don’t know what they can do to help with this and I’m sure the southern hemisphere people had similar problems when we were in the summer

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I suggested a new way to use the Raptor Pack about a month ago. Didnt go over very well though.

My idea was that 2 to 3 times a day, random dinos would escape their containment zones and start wreaking havok on the civilian population.

In order to control this, we would be authorized to “Release the Raptor Pack” to hunt them down and enter into a “strike event style” combat with them.

It would be an event that you could play from wifi, indoors, where you get the notification of escaped dinos, and you simply click a “start” button of some kind.

There would be a random timer as the Raptor Pack tracks and hunts down the escapees. Then when they catch them you would have to use the raptor pack to fight them in combat.

(Basically strike events that you can do from home)


As someone who lives in the south and on the coast this is the best time of year for me for hunting. When it’s over 100 degrees with 80% humidity I’m severely limited. This summer was brutal. Heat advisory? BUT THERE IS AN EPIC EVENT AND I MUST BE OUTSIDE!
I feel for the winter wonderland players but I’m so glad it’s down to the 50’s so I don’t risk heat stroke walking through the parks.

Overpopulate the map with Supply Drops and Event Supply Drops. at least by 2x(100% more supply Drops)
Reduce the Spin Duration from 15m to 10m
Every Spin should give coins until the coin limit. No more spinning and receiving only darts
Strike Events and supply drops can caught by the drone like Dinos
Increase the spawn rates of Dinos
Increase the spawn SPOTS of Dinos . No more desert around us
Can give us the opportunity to have our own Supply Drop,place it wherever we want


@GorillaGlue I really like that idea. That would be a good addition.

As for myself, I don’t go out hunting as much as normal due to the weather. These days I hunt on the ride home from work each day but I use that opportunity to grab as many supply drops, dinosaurs and strike towers on the way.

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I will now only do a tower battle if it has 1 battle.

Almost lost my fingers a few weeks back because I thought it was divided up into 3 battles. Noo. 7. And I had to defeat 3 dinos for each one. I was already invested, so kept going. And going. And going. I live in Utah, BTW. There’s snow already on the ground.

Yeah, not doing that again.

I suggest only single battle towers for a while. But that’s just me.

Since 1.5, I don’t want to drive anymore because I’ll likely still not find many/any useful epics. Winter is upon us in NJ, so I don’t really want to walk either. Hunting has been severely slowed. My game is open most of the time, waiting for something to spawn close to home/work.

It would be better if you can get supply drops and complete strike towers as long as you are in 150m or 200m range and no distance penalty when darting during winter, at least available to VIP players to make VIP more worth getting.

Smart gloves are a must :+1:t3::ok_hand:

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I recently bought a pair just for playing JWA this winter.

I got these gloves specifically for dino hunting - one hand is always covered, I can uncover the other when it’s time to dart, and my thumb remains free for strike events. But still…I live in the northeast of England and I’m so reluctant to go out when it’s rainy and freezing, and it’ll only get worse when snow comes. I’ll be visiting my family in northeast US next month, and I doubt I’ll play much there since there will be snow.

I recently moved from a house with a drop on it to one with no drops within my whole radius, and I absolutely agree that in winter we should be able to set a “home drop” that way we can still half-participate.

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Fingerless gloves? Yea u wont wanna be outside with those, much less trying to play a game