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It’s happening: updated

Dominion is on the horizon folks


can’t wait for this to release, definitely gonna watch this as soon as I can in theaters. Now I just have to avoid trailers lol

Looking forward to 2022

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Cant wait. I’ll go dressed in JP gear.


If cinemas reopen where I live I’ll go with my indoraptor figure cause why not

Hmm me just wait 45 days lol

Yes finally I’m so excited to see this

Sooooo um update:

This a CONFIRMED still from the film

Second update: the director confirmed that Moros Intrepidus is the small Dino and the bigger one is Giganotosaurus.

Lol third and final update the scene in question is a prologue around five minutes long taking place around 65 million years ago back when dinosaurs ruled the earth showing how the Dino DNA was sealed away in time


So that means we’re getting them in the game at one point too!