It’s kind of a joke that

Allosinosaurus is considered a greater threat right now than Trykosaurus. Like, really Ludia? Give Trykosaurus some love already


A lot of the uniques need love right now


I disagree. Utahsino has great range thanks to that IC on turn two but I would rather have higher damage and armor and that Instant Invincibility. Tryko does considerably more turn damage while instant charge is a 1X move that Allosino is too slow to capitalize on in many cases.

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We’re not talking about Utasinoraptor, we’re talking about Allosinosaurus. Allosinosaurus outspeeds Trykosaurus and has 2 defense shattering moves to destroy Tryko’s Instant Invincibility, and even if Tryko used Instant Invincibility the same turn Allosinosaurus used Instant Charge, Allosino would win due to priority to the higher speed dino. Allosinosaurus outclasses Tryko in every degree, so I don’t know what your argument is :thinking:


So because Allosino beats Tryko head to head you consider it a better dino?

It isn’t.

If you start a PvP match, 1 player starts with Trykosaurus and the other starts with Allosinosarus, due to each dinos speed, damage & moveset, Allosinosaurus will always win. Yes, Allosinosaurus as actually considered one of the best dinosaurs in the game right now with its buff to Instant Charge & swapping Armor Piercing Rampage to Defense Shattering Impact. It has no delay starting the match to any of its moves

So again, what is your valid argument that Allosinosaurus does not outclass Trykosaurus?


Tyrannosaurids line dinos need more strategical play to be more effective. Although I don’t have a Tryko, but I think it works similar to T-rex with more bulk. When I was using T-rex a long time ago, I found if you use dinos like this (slow dinos but can hit like a truck on turn 2) you have to find ways to make your Rex deal the second move damage otherwise it’s a waste of Rex.

Back then when I was using my lv 15 Rex, my team had armago, nodopato, stegocera and stegosaurs, all of which have slowing moves, so my strategy back then was if I can leave the dino unkilled, I’d rather not killing it but having it slowed so Rex can set up easily to dish out the second turn damage. I think it’s the same with Tryko, just need to put more slowing dinos on the team to corporate with it.

Based on what grounds is Allosinosaurus NOT currently better than Trykosaurus? Explain yourself.

If tryko received a small boost In speed it would be all that is needed. Say 107 or even 108. To beat stego and allo

I want to hear what this @JHVS guy has to say though, because he clearly has both the dinosaurs and claims to be the master tactician in using both of them

Allosino is better, I have both and prefer allosino to kill any tank.

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Tryko is best used like a gorgo, a rex can be sent in at the beggining and still take down almost anything that’s not a raptor. Tryko can still do that, but it’s not worth it, you can handle losing a rex most the time.

If you get tryko you better use it as well as it could be used that match. Or else it’s nearly useless.

Im actually a little concerned for the viability of tryko after the ss change (if it happens). Potentially a lot less stegos running around.

Allosino looks cooler so therefore deserves to be better.

…kidding, but this is a bigger joke. A dino that requires 1 common and 1 epic to make is better than something that takes 3 epics to make.

In the game’s current state, Allosino is more useful. That’s an objective fact

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Because losing to one dino does not mean a certain dino is worse at its job. Lots of dinos can lose to one dino and it would be a pretty silly list of dinos that we acted were better just because of that. Trykos job is not taking down Allosino it’s taking down tanks as well as putting a hurting on things that switch into it.

Tryko has more armor and with 2 2X moves including that .25 counter has a high attack per turn. Huge damage in fact. The shield can often push his turns out of the two turn distracting length and leave opponents eating a 2X nuclear attack. I’m not arguing that Allosino isn’t really good (because it is). I find IC useful especially when you can use it to lead the third round but would otherwise die due to low speed. However due to Allosinos low speed it is often just a change in order because he now used a non armor piercing 1X move and now the opponent is going first next even when the stun lands. None of that is relevant to Tryko unless we are taking about which to power up though.


Speaking as a victim of those dinos (I don’t have them)… I think Allosino is better… although a Tryko can solo a team of tanks… yeah, that happend to me

Yes, Tryko does have quite a high sum of damage produce, especially in the form of 2 Rampage moves, making her quite a handful if she can land her big bites. But, in a meta so rich with nullifiers, defense shatterers, distractioners & priority stunners, her armor & Instant invincibility doesn’t seem to pose as impervious as it once would have.

Allosinosaurus, though with less damage than Trykosaurus and having 15% armor as opposed to 30%, offers a threat in the manner that it can use ALL 3 of its available non-priority moves on turn 1. That’s 2 1.5x damage moves out the gates. THEN can use instant charge the following turn. With a 20% chance to crit to go along with that, Allosinosaurus proves to be a nightmare to square up against. Whereas Trykosaurus gets 1 available move on turn 1 in the form of 1x damage. Sure, it gets a 0.25x damage counter attack, but a rather dismal counter it is. Mine is at level 26 and does a 410 counter. Nothing to boast about.

Now the main argument I’m seeing here is that Tryko has higher damage. Well on that point, you’re correct. Level 26, Tryko has 1640 damage. Allosino has 1501. But, turn 1, Allosino has 2 forms of unleashing 2251 damage, both of which bypass armor. Then has priority to stun the opponent right after his last hit. That’s 3752 damage right out the gates. Tryko & Allosino also both have 4500 health at level 26 (both their healths scale at the same rate), so Tryko has no advantage on that front either.

Tryko may have the damage potential in its corner, if you can get it rolling, but with how the current meta is set up she is much easier to manhandle in preventing her from getting off that damage.


That is well reasoned and fair. The thing is in a meta that as you say is rich with stunners, shatterers, distractioners, and priority stunners, the truth is that neither particularly shine against any of those. However with Trykos 1640 base damage and the .25 counter Tryko deals 2050 base damage per turn. I find this useful because even distracted I do more damage than an opponent wants to see. That two turn 3752 for Allosino that you mention is 1640X3=4920 for Tryko. Then two counters and we are at 5740 damage bypassing armor in two turns. And the stun if used second often doesn’t do anything but lower Allosinos damage output since the opponent is often faster. I guess it may all come down to preference since as I said before, both are great dinos and I can see why you may prefer what I consider a more versatile dino in Allosino to Tryko.


Like don’t get me wrong, I want to make best use of Tryko. Mines halfway to level 27 and still pushing to max it out (mostly because I’m already as invested as I am), but I’ve noticed Allosino is much more flexible to use than Tryko currently is. If Ludia were to give Tryko some sort of boost, whether in its speed to 106 or 107, or switch its counter from .25 to .5, or even .33, OR give it some sort of SIA, I believe that would give Tryko a definitive position as the Apex fierce predator