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It’s level 30 Blue

Yeshhhhhh! From today Strike tower, I used my lv.29 Blue to take down all three raptors to gain her last 200 DNA to reach lv.30

From February that I made up my mind and decided to keep level up her from 15 to 21 and so on

She was on an equal ground with Indoraptor when it hadn’t have Immune to distraction.

It took 1.5 months to make her level up 1 level

And more 3 month from 27 to 28 (I took a screenshot at harvest tournament)

Then after a heavily rain of Blue DNA on December (daily reward, hybrid pursuit, cute week, today’s Blue strike tower) I finally reached my goal!

Thanks for all alliance members that always listen to my request about Blue DNA and put her on sanctuaries all the way!

I’m so happy right now!! :slight_smile: :innocent:


Congratulations, Dhrita_Gane!

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Congratulations! :tada:

And thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the game and its creatures :+1:

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I’m both impressed… and horrified at the same time. LOL
Grats on that achievement! :slight_smile:

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Awesome! What a milestone. Congratulations to you.

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Wow, that’s some real grinding to be proud of. Big congrats

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Huge respect for not using Blue’s dna for Indo G2

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Oh dang! That’s a lot of patience and dedication! Nice work!

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