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It’s My Fault, Don’t Blame Ludia

Now that I don’t care to get high trophy levels I dropped down 500 and battle weaker teams. My favorite is slow-playing when Draco-rat is used.

That’s why your level 22 teams are matched up against my level 29-30 team.

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The DC revenge-team!

Sounds nice!

Meanwhile, I have risen from 4500 to 4799.

Our teams could meet some day. :grin:

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Yeah I keep wondering when I’ll get to battle someone from the forum. Though I’ll probably drop as soon as someone gets their highly-boosted draco and proceeds to spam it while I don’t get any rat counters picked lol.

I haven’t boosted anything yet and don’t use the rat. I won the last two who used rats on me and both teams had their team boosted. Just had to out wit them.

Yeah but what type of creatures you use matters. In my case, I work with this:

And yeah I can win against mildly-boosted rats, provided I get at the very least Utasino and Kapro, or Utasino and Carno, if I don’t get my dedicated rat control Erlidom. But the wise ones who keep rat for last, I most likely lose to them. Except that one time when a rat could not 1 shot Erlidom and ended up being food for her.

This is the team I was playing and what I have to work with. I have a few I can interchange in and out.

This was the more challenging team I played as my opponent got Thor, DC, Erlidom and Sucho picked for me to play against. I had Utarinex, Indo, Procera and Tryko picked. They got the perfect Rat/Thor/Erlidom combo but I got a good pick too.

That seems like a pretty balanced team. I aim to get Utarinex, Maxima, Erlikospyx, Gemini, and Tenontorex for my team, which means Noodle, Spino, Tyra, Utasino, and Ardonto will be leaving as soon as I get their uniques.

I’ve fought teams similar to the lower one before, I’d have some chances of winning if I get Erli, Utasino, Kapro (or Carno), and Ardonto. The lvl 25 Thors aren’t as scary at this time as long as I got Erli to back me up.

I battled the op when i was around 4800 before the boost reset… it wasnt pretty…

Did you reboost that tryo? Lol