It’s over


I cannot battle anymore… I seriously just can’t. I’ve tried switching my team up completely. I’ve tried seeing what the meta is and using its counters. I’ve tried strategies that have worked for me in the past. And I’ve tried strategies that other people have suggested and nothing works. I lose every single battle. I went from being one win away from Sorna marshes to now being almost down to Nublar Jungle. I don’t understand why they had to mess with the battling so much especially with my team which wasn’t even super overpowered to begin with. I used to look forward to every battle now I absolutely dread it. Ludia really ruined an amazing thing and it makes me so upset.


We call it bad RNG. This game was ruined a long a long ago. Strategies does not work, switching your team does not work. You must spoof or spend loads of money thats the only truth for this game.


I feel the exact same. It’s not fun getting constantly stun locked by tanks and then finished off with raptors in 95% of games


It can be very frustrating at times. But you definitely don’t have to spoof or spend loads of money to do well. And bad RNG is what wee kids say when they lose.

Best thing you can do is drop down to a level where you can win a few matches and you’ll naturally rise as you progress. The problem with most of us, including myself, is that we get to a rank that is too high for our teams. Then we get knocked down a massive amount and it feels pretty disheartening.

Only thing ya can do though is start at a level you can manage. You gain DNA etc with time and naturally increase.


This actually makes me feel better… while it certainly won’t be fun getting knocked down all of the ranks that I spent so much time climbing once I do get evened out there’s only room for improvement


We are all in the same boat ,I win a few then lose 7-10 in a row.
The way I look at is I will drop to a point where my team is better than theses and start wining again as long as I got incubators it dose not mater my team will get there but just longer.
Never going to get top 500 without paying so no point in stressing


Alright dude i dunno where i can start with but if you say so… i have been playing this game since it was released and i also spent money. Also i got so many friends who are spoofing around and they are still in the game without any doubt. I lost so many battles cause of rng,bad connections which is not cause of my connection, matching up with freaky op players ( most most most of them cheaters for example level 10 player with 3 unique dinos ) etc. Lets talk some about new tournament. That was the last bullet into head for Ludia. They were succesfully ruining the game but with this tournament yes they totally did it. Now im 11 level with 300k coins and 4k hard cash and also got some hybrids but i got stuck between 3500-3800. Also its very hard to find epic dinos around where i live so no one can say to me its a fair game and the company goes for community.


I did the tapjoy offers and ended up with over 28k cash yesterday.

It annoys me at times too but spoofers are here to stay, there’ll always be people that spend thousands on these games. And RNG is the same for everyone, if someone wins because of a stun that’s what that dino’s Moveset was designed to do.

In the case of the OP though he was asking why he is losing, assuming he was at fault rather than just blaming everything around him.



Amen. The reset made a hard time for some teams. To keep the rank I had before the reset I had to update my team. Hopefully I play a lot everyday and I was stacked. There was a great increase in power in the top 500 after the beginning of the tournament. It can be difficult to keep up.

As for RNG the topic comes in every game with it. Hopefully you can assume it’s the same for everyone. I lose games to RNG but I win the same amount too


Holy shit, you did them all in a day? I would have thought some of those, where you have to reach a certain level would take a while!


I did some of the big tapjoy offers over a couple of weeks and they refused to pay them. There is now a fine print saying only one offer can be used per app/game. They have small easy ones then because you collect that they then don’t pay out when you claim the big ones that take a long time. E.g… did the final fantasy citadel lvl 6 in a day and got 200 cash then took two weeks to get citadel to lvl 10 then they say I’m ineligible cause I got the first one…


No man the final offer I finished was Monday and it was that God awful Final Fantasy Power 100k. It gave over 15k cash though so it was worth it.


No matter what, you are going to win and lose about 50% of the time. Doesn’t matter what level you are. If you lose 20 in a row it means you are about to win a ton or it means you won a ton when you shouldn’t have.



Know the feeling, started a topic on this, a few days ago. I’ m climbing up now, but tomorrow it could be different…:thinking:


I had some good advice, and it helps to talk about it, a lot of people are in the same position


Your win ratio is the combatants you take on; even if, that player is a level 20. It does not help your cause to win or lose a battle fairly. It shows odds of better or worse.

I sent in a suggestion for combatants being around the same level and same ranking to compete. That way you could win a few, lose a few, and continue to gain ground.


That’s not exact. Ask the top 10 of the tournament, their ratio is probably above 60% (the first 3 can maybe even more seing how powerfull their teams are).
I should do mine (since I record every score battle) and I’m sure to be over 50.

A 50/50 would be the case if we had to battle equivalent teams all the time of the same level. And even in this case, the players with better strat would win more often than the others. It’s what happen with a lot of games with limited pool (Magic is an example).

But since matchmaking is based on trophies with nothing to do with level and the fact that you are matched sometimes with people with more than 300 trophies gap it changes a lot. Add the reset in this and you can have players with an incredible ratio

Side point : please Ludia, add statistics to allow us to see how many battles we completed, how many wins and loses. Please.


I would disagree with the ratio; unless, of course we have cheaters. My win to loss ratio is well below 50%.

Prior to changing the game style, players could win 10 in a row using the glitch combos. I still use one of them, but it doesn’t do as well as it used to. But that is ok because the game is meant to attempt to be fair.

People tend to want more, but lack the patience to get there skillfully.

Of course cheaters emerged and caused a serious problem with the game. This issue seems to persist because steps are being taken to remedy the problem and make the game better for all styles of players.


no. no one would ever advance like this. arena 8, you probably have won 60-70%+. this is what i’ve experienced. most people probably don’t upgrade their team much, thinking they can ride an arena 4 team into arena 8, bring it into new arenas and get stomped while others in that arena have upgraded.


I would reiterate the win rstio is how your opponents are picked against you. If you have a higher win rating, then your combatants will have those levels for the competition.

Not everyone wins but not everyone loses either. Planning a strategy against higher skills makes it harder ‘without the corresponding predator traits’.

Fun is fun: combat is combat. So you must find a way to get passed one group to the next. When the options don’t chnage and the results remain the same, then it is time to chnage tactics.