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It’s real

Another thing that strikes me as odd is his team and alliance, specifically his team isnt ARK as far as I know. And he was level 12. He’s prolly a spoofer but still, that worries me


First time I see someone boosting a moth

I saw a video and someone had a level 30 boosted Entelemoth in Nublar Shores, what a massive grind that would be

This is the first time I ever saw a Moth in the arenas, just when I thought seeing a level 19 chops was weird

Yeh, u presume most will go for Lania instead

Plenty of non-ARK alliances have access to 2 to 3 lvl 20 sanctuaries. What’s the big deal?

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He was level 12 and in marshes from what I could tell. Bad matchmaking, but I won thanks to experience