It’s “Scary” how much I feel ripped off!

I know buying incubators in this game is a gamble. I’m also addicted to what few passions I have, my addictive personality either making me a bookworm (still am), a former WoWer, former M:tGer and so on.

However, I recently got paid and caved…buying some incubators after settling all my bills.

I am a critic of Ludia and obviously that’s no secret. I am filled with a fire of determination and it bleeds through exceptionally.

My complaint for today is…for people shelling out as much money as they do, why would allow as much garbage DNA as you do in epic/premium incubators? Themed ones, no less?

I’m not particularly excited for Tany but when I get minimal to NO Velociraptor but metric tons of Allosaurus (totalling almost as much of it as I had just from LAZY farming of it just because it is one of the 5 most common dinosaurs in the entire game!), I feel rather cheated.

All this hype only to have totally worthless Allosaurus DNA as Sino is the rarest epic in the game and it is Allosaurus ‘ SOLE hybrid partner.

Are you going to expand hybrids on commons soon? I mean, you have 3 Nodopatosaurus super-hybrids (Nodo already being a toxic subject beforehand) but something that is 100% available day and night to the point most advanced players wholly IGNORE it has the rawest deal…and you make the overwhelming majority of the common DNA in your most cost-prohibitive incubators be THIS stupid thing?

Stingy as all get out on those Velociraptors, aren’t you? Which, as an evening/night spawn, is not realistically achievable by a generous portion of your regular office hour working playerbase. There’s gambling and then there’s reasonable expectation given the intent of advertisement for the product(s) purchased.

Seriously, there surely must be some sort of corporate responsibility you’re supposed to adhere to here as I cannot understand how such disparity can exist even with YOUR reputation.