It’s time for a complete creature redesign

Think that a new look would be good for a lot of creatures, new colors and design

How about fix the game first. Get rid of the glitches and battle drop outs. Fix the arena so matching actually works. Then worry about the colors and pictures.


I don’t see why they cant do both if they have one team for art design and another for bug fixes.

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I would love to be able to change the color of some of the creatures. This would also give me something to do while waiting for them to fix everything.

Same like a blueish orangish Thor instead of green blue. Even though the green blue is great.

But that’s not really a ‘complete’ creature redesign. More like custom pieces/skins/addons.

This needs a ‘complete’ redesign here.

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Yeah, when I created that thing I immediately regretted it.

Because they can’t fix the game. So obviously incompetent do just one.

do they have this? :laughing:

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Only assuming lol

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Considering the number & severity of bugs in the existing game, I don’t want them putting any effort into any more redesigns or re-skins until things actually work as advertised in a consistent manner.

But if they already had one team working on bug fixes and another working on art design, its not really taking any extra dev time away from fixes because the art team isn’t going to be working on bug fixes.

Of course this is assuming they have seperate teams, if they don’t, well then yeah I agree!