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It’s time to decide what should happen with boosts (ludia listen up)

Ok. So with the very heated debate about boosts I thought we all need to come to an agreement. We need to decide what the best possible thing for ludia to do with these boosts is.

I don’t want anything that would screw us OR ludia. We need a solution that works for most everyone and would be easy to do.

I will be making a poll soon so get your suggestions in.

Ludia, I hope you decide to listen to us in the end.
IF ludia or any mods decides to listen, feel free to message me and or the winner for any questions (wishful thinking)


Start posting you ideas so we can nit pick em

Fix the matchmaking system.
Boosts aren’t the problem.

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So MetaHub’s idea?

It works for the most part. So thanks for Reminding me about it

If they want to take credit for it, sure.

Hey. No 1 is pointing fingers, that’s just where I saw it first. All we need right now is fixes

All they have to do is have the speed boost follow the speed pattern they have already put in place since day 1. Problem fixed.

What pattern did they have in place?

The set speeds for all the dinos. Raptor 133 etc…

What exactly is a speed pattern?

Wait but boosts change your speed. So how would that work?

That makes no sense.
Are you proposing eliminating the speed boosts?

I would be down for that but the compensation would be hard for a complete elimination

The dino speeds have all been set from the beginning. All they have to do is make small ranges and keep the boosts within that range. The main thing for the speed boosts is to help eliminate speed ties. Not make the biggest chomper the fastest dino.

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@Dinocop But the problem is that some people had so many boosts. So we could never catch up

Boost should be activated by the Dino’s current level. I think it should be straight across the board. Level 21 tier 1 level 22 tier 2 etc etc. the way i see it if you have a level 30 you deserve to have the max boosts. If you are a level 21 you have to grind like top players have for a year. It levels the playing field and puts everything back where it was. It will make lower level players a little but the boosts they purchased are still there. You just have to level up

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Yes they will need to reset the speed boosts for this to work.

But how would they compensate for that. It is a decient idea but it would be hard to pull off

Would level 21 be the start for all dinos?