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It’s time to nerf Thor’s 40% crit

It’s only been 1 week since the arena buff to Thor’s 2x damage move, whatever it’s called now, and we have way too many max boosted Thor’s crawling around the arena, like the cockroach Thor is. Players are always going to rely on it as their crutch, so get rid of it’s 40% crit. This would compensate for all the people dumping all their boosts into it.

Thanks again Ludia. We had a nice balance in the arena in 2.1 and then you had to do this. Please fix your error


I don’t understand how people struggle so much against this weak dino. Literally just use any distracting dino that has a stun resistance and you’re covered.


regardless if people just pump boosts onto it, thor was below where it should’ve been in 2.1. The 2x move like i used to have was welcomed (tho i wouldve like to keep the group impact instead). The only issue i have with thor is it’s immune to swap prevention. That just lets The Thor-Rat issues pop up again.


The only problem is boost and almost everyone in aviary have thor at high level


Thor simply appears too quick. I’ve seen level 22s in Jurassic Ruins. Of course we are going to have problem with Thors


You should have a vast array of dinos to chose from to counter thor in aviary.

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Then you should also boost your dinos to match it.

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Yeah but they start appearing in Jurassic ruins and lower. When a 140 speed creature can one tap your entire team, you’re going to get mad

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To get all your creatures to most Thor’s level, you need to spend 8 times as much boosts. That’s not very doable in lower arenas

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I boost my magna, max, gem, to just counter thor.
And still lost because my unique are little hard to make. Not likes thor


In Jurassic ruins you should have access to Diplovenator, IndoG2, Monolomentrodon, Utasinoraptor, Poukadei, etc. to deal with chompers like Thor.


Most of them level 19 or so. They don’t do crap when a Thor with 2k damage and 130+ speed comes into play

Then level them. Boost them if you like, and work toward getting it’s many counters. Rinex, Spyx, Magna, as well as all of the above are great options.

40% critical change fine

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You don’t understand! They appear at stupidly high levels in early arenas. There is no way a average player and get a magna in Jurassic Ruins. Especially when one Thor with 20 boosts on makes you have to boost all 8 of your creatures. Just saying “work towards its counters” isn’t the answer to every answer.


I only saw 3 irriator in this week well i saw over hunder of tarbo, allo even sino.

I gave a list of plenty of easily obtainable counters too.

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There’s a Thor lover right there. Can’t give up their crutch


Irritator is a global night spawn, run some gigas at night and FIP it in sanctuaries and you should be on your way.

But the levels! My first ever match in Ruins was against a level 25 Thor. A team of level 19-20 counters isn’t going to do anything against that

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