It’s time to replace your ardentis with brontocevia

Hope you guys like it

If we could have hyper-ultra hybrids like the one you’re suggesting, I’d rather just fuse Tryko and Gemini and call it a day.


Brontolasumus is good and has more damage than ardentis just want to see it’s unique hybrid

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You can’t fuse hybrids with hybrids.

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Ok got it I’ll figure out

Any brontolasmus hybrid will be op, seriously. No joke!

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Yes it can easily replace ardentis



I actually can’t wait for Lasmus’ hybrid. I just hope I have enough Elasmotherium DNA to get it to create the hybrid when it comes around /^^’

I was actually thinking about raising its level to my team level, but never thought it would make it in the arena, nor had the DNA to get it that high…

Hopefully I can get it there before it happens.