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It’s time

Just recently got the components for the most difficult hybrid to make at level 20

EDIT: going to list dna progress as time passes

Fuse 1: 10
Fuse 2: 10
Fuse 3: 10
Fuse 4: 10
Fuse 5: 20
Fuse 6: 20
Fuse 7: 10
Fuse 8: 20
Fuse 9: 50
Fuse 10: 30
Fuse 11: 40


Ah darn you got a 10. But nice!

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welcome to 10-fuse club. :hugs:


I dont care that i got a ten for now. Just any progress on the bugger works. This thing’s a pain to make cuz of Aramborgiana being incubator locked and diplodocus being generally tourney locked

My final dino to create and getting closer by the day. Great job!

Nice! I’m still working on getting Diplodocus and Koolabourgiania to level 20. Both are at 19 currently. :grinning:

Decided to keep the post updated for progress on Gemini

I think luck’s in my favor currently…this may take longer than I hoped :sweat_smile:


maybe my erlikospyx will be unlocked first. i have some more 10 to go. for it and for spinonyx element.

I needed 60 to unlock mine last weekend. I was able to get it. Not in one fuse but 2 fuses this past weekend. Same for my Pterovexus. I needed 60 and got it in 2 fuses. Now my dinodex is complete! 2 hard to unlock uniques in the same weekend was great.

Really hoping i get some major luck on these fuses. All im getting are 10’s and 20’s, but this is the fusion rng we’re talking here, so…

And i still have yet to start Ardentismaxima :smiley:

Good luck! The 10 fuse curse has struck hard lately

Finally got some good fuses, and i have enough Diplodocus DNA to guarantee the unlock :smiley:

Now to pray i get a 20, and it doesnt get outclassed by Maxima in 1.9, though i think Instant Distraction and Long Protection will give it fair usage still, for the people that have it