It says the updates out when it’s not been 30min since it sayed that


Yes it says that in my game mail wtf that’s so frustrating rgghhhhhh


It wasn’t saying it is out it was announcing it! The link took you to the forum! It was for the other 965,888 players that aren’t on the forum!




Well that’s disappointing


Relax padawan soon it will be here! Perhaps tomorrow


I’m sorry I’m just excited I love showing a friend the new updates


And trying to get the new dinos


Tomorrow morning at 8:00 am EDT they will do game maintenance and hopefully it is for the update


Yea. I reallly hope :crossed_fingers:t5:


Prepare to not be able to play for a few hours :wink::wink::popcorn::popcorn: that is if it is the update


Yea I’m addicted to this so yea that is a bummer but there might be an update as a suprise


May the force of JWA be with you!


I’m assuming your a Star Wars fan


Bc I literally just looked up Padawan loll :rofl::rofl::rofl:


A fan of most sci-fi!


Good edit save! I saw it change before my eyes :eyes:


You looked up Padawan ??? Now you need to add star wars to your movies to watch haha.


LOL he has the quick link to “Wookieepedia” ready to go at a moment’s notice!

Okay, here’s a really obscure one for you, @Rolybert

In the cantina scene in A New Hope, we’re all familiar with the doughy barkeep. But what was the name of the cantina, who was the owner, and what species was he?

(Hint: it wasn’t Wuher the barkeep, or Bea Arthur)


The name of the cantina in Mos Eisley was Chalmuun’s Cantina.

The owner’s name was Chalmuun.

He was a Wookiee.

(Source: Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, an anthology format book, in the Extended Universe - now known as “Star Wars Legends”, since the Disney buyout)