It seems my account either got deleted or I am unable to log into it at all


I had made it fairly far, I was rank 3500+ I had all non fusion dinosaurs except for one and i log in today and it asks me to sign into facebook, so i do, and boom! Level one. Honestly I don’t even want to start over again, I’m just so upset by this I’ll probably not play the game anymore. I have no idea why this happened and I do not see any way of recovering my account other than posing here.


For information, I did not memorize the support key for my old account so I do not have it. I have one screen shot from the old account but it doesn’t show much info at all, I have what my name was, and a credit card I used for some micro-transactions.


Hey Andrew_MacKoul, go into the in-game Player Profile > Settings menu and tap the Facebook button to sign out of Facebook on your game, this should bring you back to the main menu, see if you can access your original game after doing that. If you were linked to Google Play store, connect back to it, and your game should be there. If you’re still having issues, contact our team at with the Gamertag from your old game, and they might be able to assist you. It could help if you included some of the purchase information you made in the game such as an app store receipt in your email as well.


I sent you guys an email


Hello guys i have the same problem, i will send you a email too.