It seems Ready to Crush only lasts two turns?

Is this a bug or I count it wrong?

Edit: I tried it out in strike tower, I can confirm it’s a bug. The buff only lasts two turns.

Nope, you got it. It allows one super charged attack, which in a lot of cases can kill the opponent with the right dino at the right time. Gorgosuchus would be a good one to use with it as well or megasuchus.

Your dino is likely dead after the second round. But in some cases I have taken on a player and their dino only had it for 2 rounds. Of course I went on to win the battle, but i reported that I should have lost because of it.

Who uses ready to crush? The Dino’s that have it will be dead before their one big hit in my experience unless they are immune. This glitch would make tryostonix way less dangerous though as he is immune! Was this result of recent tourney update or has it been bugged a while??

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I stopped using my Bary when I unlocked a heap of legendaries so had not noticed though am 40dna of tryo so hoping r2crush fixed by then!

Perhaps it’s a text thing… Maybe the round you activate it counts as one of the 3?

It’s a worthless move. You use it instead of striking your opponent, then your next move gives you 1.5x the damage. Meanwhile you could have hit your opponent twice.

So it’s nothing and 1.5 vs 1.0 and 1.0.

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Well if you know someone’s gonna instant invincibility you avoid getting hit by a counter and then ko them next turn it’s hard to use but not useless


Back when I had Baryonyx on my team (before update 1.3 when I was in Nublar Jungle/Badlands), I loved opening up with Baryonyx, using “Ready to Crush,” and one-shotting Einiasuchus or whatever unfortunate tank was placed in my way.

That being said, Baryonyx won’t fare well against creatures with Superiority Strike. Or raptors. The “Ready to Crush” combo can be extremely effective in the right situation…but in this tank meta, it’s not always easy to find good opportunities to use it—and if you can’t use a creature on the team, it gets benched.

Dude, you are missing the big picture here. I understand that Ready to Crush might not be useful when the enemy is going to crush you in next move or one more.

Along with 50% extra damage, it also increases Critical hit by 30%… that too for next 3 turns(hopefully excluding current turn). i.e. 1.5 damage + 30% of 1.5/1.
If your dino is having high enough health/other dino is slower so you can last 3 more attacks, this move when combined with ferocious strike can cause havoc. e.g.: I have had fun using this along with ferocious strike using my level 21 Tryostronix where each hit later would give 4k - 5k+ damage on single hit, almost one shotting most of the dinos.

Hey guys, this is a bug report. If you can confirm too, please leave a comment.

Regarding to whether to use R2C or not, it’s situational, it depends on whether I act first and my prediction of opponent’s move. Anyway I do use it sometimes.

I don’t mind giving R2C a one turn 50% shield.

Oh yeah forgot to say I did test it with my pyritator can confirm only lasting 2 turns

Yes, noticed that. Only lest for 2 turns.

And…here’s some complain.
Tryostronix might be the only dino could able to use RTC.
Others don’t get immunity, if they use RTC, will only give opponent a free turn, then killed by opponent without deal any damage.
This is a move need some buff.
(Or give Irritator/Baryonyx a minor immunity, at least couldn’t be slow down)

If you follow it up by a 2 x attack and then a 1 x attack you do 0+3+1.5=4.5 if yoh would strike instead of r2c 1+2+1=4 here is the difference. Not to mention increased crit chance

Whether using R2C or not depends on the situation, shield, instant invincibility, armor, relative speed all needs to be considered.

Or maybe a one turn shield.
One turn immune sounds a bit OP, every R2C dinos would become Tryostronix.

Most dinos with r2c has defense shattering attacks tho

I used to laugh when people used it against raptors. Pounce, r2c, strike. Dead.

Yes, for the example given that after 3 turns you could have 4.5 vs 4.0. But What could possibly need over 4.0 damage for a takedown, but less than 4.5? I figure in 2 turns someone is dead most of the time. Or 3 turns without RTC.