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It seems the miss chance is very high

I’ve got characters with rank 7 epic weapons and rank 5 epics elsewhere plus 2-3 legendaries each who still miss, regularly, against even lower level (all but two characters are 12th-level) enemies. It feels like the miss chance is around 20-30%

It seems that they increased the miss chance significantly a few updates ago. I also noticed the increase. I had 5 misses in a row at one point yesterday. Wish the monsters did too.

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I don’t know the update schedule, but I noticed that misses occur a lot more often as of a day or so ago.

I think it was after I saw a ‘downloading’ message pop up on the app, but it was so fast I may have miss understood.

It happened about the same time the buttons at the bottom started acting strange.

I want to revive this topic. The chance of missing is getting even higher and I’m seriously getting sick of it. Go to random dot org and do some dice roll testing. Roll a d20 one hundred times and on average you would get anywhere from 0 to 7 times. That sounds about right… except this isn’t true in this game.

Earlier for this run, first 10 hits I already missed 4 times. This shouldn’t happen… yet the enemies don’t seem to miss at all although despite not attacking as much.

Clap, I applaud the devs for rigging the rolls. Honestly feels like a 15% to 20% chance to miss. I had a total of 9 misses that run btw, that’s more than the average of 1s in a small sample of 100x d20 rolls…

Where are you getting the percentage chance to hit or miss from?

I don’t think the game engine uses the roll d20 to see if it beats a target number based armor class and to hit bonus.

Are you equating misses to a roll of 1 on a d20? I’m inferring this from your 0-7 misses in a hundred d20 rolls. That’s a critical miss, not just any old miss.

I don’t think that the chance to miss is only 5%. To me, it isn’t clear how the miss percentage is calculated, i. e. What the base miss rate is, how it’s influenced by ATK, DMG, DEF or HP stats.

I would be grateful if someone shed some insight into how hits and misses are determined in this game.

Absent a clear understanding of what the miss rate should be, it makes it really hard to support a conclusion that miss rates we see have deviated from what was intended.

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The amount of misses in my experience have tripled since the update. I brought this up elsewhere. Also, my Level 11 toons repeatedly miss against L1-15. Higher levels makes sense, lower levels doesnt because the game mechanics forbid lower levels to have better magical gear, which means my to hit should be a lot easier.

A 0 from a d20 is a critical miss, yes.

We won’t know the truth for mechanics but assuming the devs are working with d20 DnD rules, our to hit ratio with better gear should be higher. HP should never factor into a hit ratio. Neither would damage.

Haven’t played the game long enough to actually notice that, but what I DO know is that critical hits (both characters and monsters) really don’t happen only 5% of the time (I realize there are items for Namolen and Saarvin that increase the chance, I’m referring to others characters that don’t)

I doubt it’s as simple as a d20 roll since the all the stats are non-applicable in actual D&D. Having 3K HP, several hundred AC and damage is totally unimaginable in every version of D&D I ever played. I suspect it’s a far larger randomized number. Should sometime check how much I actually miss against certain monsters and see how it scales with AC. Would take quite a apreadsheet to display…

<cracks knuckles, starts frothing at the mouth>

Don’t… lolol

I agree with Gil. I consider the game to be D&D in name only with a few similarities.

While it feels a little like D&D, the mechanics are clearly not. I stopped playing the real thing back at V2, but briefly came back for V4. I don’t recall random bonuses for movement or attack.

As long as crit/miss/abilities are fair on both sides, I’m good.