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It took 3 years, but prize drop finally delivered!

Not a big deal for you vip players, but acrocanthosaurus is the last vip dino I can get as a non vip player. Not sure how long I have been playing, but I would guess 125 prize drops with a 6% chance. So lots of bad luck… just need to unlock indoraptor gen 2.


999+ creatures??..

Too much pvp… it’s at about 2000 Right now. I have it down from About 3500. Going to take forever to hatch/trade all the super rares. I have gotten rid of all the commons and rares.


I was a member of that same club not too long ago. The last few months, my custom trades have been almost exclusively creature to bucks


I only get 1 trade a day (used to buy 2 more trades a day when dinobucks were easy),but as long as I have been playing, I think 99% has Dino for lp. Getting back $50 is not fair. Rather have 600-900 lp.

You should be getting 100 Dinobucks for a maxed trade (Common = 20, Rare = 10, Super-rare = 4, Legendary =2). I don’t know if that makes the deal more attractive for you.


I never tried trading anything but legendary. I knew it was 2 for $100. Did not know you could get rid of more of the lower classes. But sitting on the super rares is not that bad. Last 2 went for 800 and 1200 in trade harbor.


When you say 20 common for 100 DB, does it have to be 20 of the same dino?

Yes. So, the dinos for bucks trades get better the worse shape your market is in. To me, this strategy is only worthwhile if you can maximize the trade. And you can only do that if you let your market get out of control

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I agree,PvP gives too many dinos,most of pyroraptors and Tuajiangosaurus come from there,I just got a Velociraptor and a Postosuchus yesterday