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It wold be nice to have a scorpios rex in jurassic world the game

Ok now
I think dimorphodon gen 2 + deinoniychus = deinorphodon
And there could an introduction of a scorpion in cenozoic
Then we could have that scorpion s-dna and make
Deinorphodon + scorpion s-dna = scorpius rex
It would be nice right


Probably true.

Tournament shybrid? Probably not


Yeah it will be toooo op

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True but all that new Gen2 and adding new SDNAs, a long way to go as it seems. Not a single tweak or addition would make these possible sadly. Maybe in the future who knows. :slight_smile:


I think ludia will make it, they would miss too big of a possibility for that, probably something like mono with indominus rex sdna or maybe with indominus rex you could make more hybrid…


in my opinion the scorpius rex doesn’t have a scorpion bottom, only a DNA skorpiovenator, but I’m not sure because I haven’t seen season 3

Before all that they need to fix their current game, other than implementing new stuff to it. Otherwise it is nothing but trying to fill the water, into a bucket full of holes in every part.

NO offense ludia, but this what they do, adding new thing without making already added feature better, I don’t hate it as in this game there is lot to do, many thing to discover and use, this is how ludia work and I won’t be surprised that they add a totally new feature to the game just for the dino, just like what they did for indoraptor and then later on add new dino to the same feature


Yeah like the game was already crashy then they added new stuff to make it even more crashy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

“Crashosaurus Gen2”

“Stomp your way down the abyss with this new release.”

“It will kick you out so fast before you even notice!”