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It won’t let me put a profile picture

It doesn’t give me a choose to pick a profile picture. All of my matches are on breaks.
App is not that good.
I thought this app was about being gay and talking to a real person that you couldn’t see at first.
Does anyone know of any apps for gay guys that you can see who your talking to at first? And that will let you chat with people near our own location?

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If you tap the person icon on the top left you can change your profile picture, but you can only choose from the preset silhouettes – it’s not for a custom avatar.

This is a game, so everyone is fictional as are the conversations and dates. The pauses between conversations is meant to emulate how it is chatting to real people on similar dating apps while a match being away means you’ve reached the end of what story content is currently available for those characters with more to come in the future.

There are similar types of dating apps you can use for actual real dating and talking to real people that are geared towards LGBT+. If you search LGBT dating in your Google Play or App store you’ll find some.

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