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It wont stop! I literally cant even click anything!

So I’ve had this glitch happening for a little while now, but I’ve been brushing it off thinking, “meh, I’m sure this is happening to other people as well and theyre gonna fix it in an update or whatever.” But I’m putting my foot down here because, now for 90% of the time, I cant open the game, and even click the x to exit the menu, without having the whole game crash and closing itself. It’s gotten so much worse than before and hardly anything I do with the animals is able to be saved in time. So, any advice on how I can make it more stable, or PLEASE tell me that theres gonna be a fix or an update coming soon that’ll make it better!!

Assuming you are linked with Facebook, uninstalling and reinstalling is the first fix I would try.

Hello Isaac_Fogle,
I am sorry you are having trouble playing our game, if you haven’t already can you please contact

Isaac i had many problems like that because JWTG is very heavy, so i needed a phone with more ram memory.

I’ve run into problems with the app when my phone runs out of space on disk. I think the system overall gets constrained when it’s like that and you’ll see app crashes and weird behavior. You might want to check your storage usage in your phone’s settings and clear up some space if you’re getting low.