It would have been better to ignore Canada Day

I’m a bit annoyed by how they handled Canada day. It would have been so much better if they just left it out entirely and feigned ignorance.

First I found it a bit tasteless that they were using Canada day to sell overpriced incubators and doing nothing else. Usually for a holiday I’d expect some related free stuff such as having featured dinosaurs at event drops or increasing their spawn rates in the wild. But I still hoped the incubators were a sign they would do something on Canada day itself, maybe feature the dinosaurs for a day or even just have a banner in game that says happy Canada day or something. Instead, I signed in on Canada day itself to find that the Canada incubators were removed and all the announcements and events were about American independence day. It’s like Canada day was only included to try to make money, then was totally forgotten about on the day of because of another holiday a few days later.

They probably should have just ignored Canada day entirely, at least they could feign ignorance or say they would only celebrate their own countries holiday or something. This just felt insulting.

Celebrate their own countries holiday? You realize Ludia is a Canadian company… and any holiday is a good time for a store sale… whether its Lunar New year, Canadian Day, Or Halloween.


Its ok when they make it worldwide… Not like that hollywood studios one…


I just provided that as the usual excuse most companies use about holidays and why they exclude Canada day.

That’s even more stupid that they’d use Canada day as a cash cow then delete it before Canada day in favor of fourth of July events.

Well they got first crack at Raptors when their NBA team won the trophy, so they certainly do have special events for their country.

I think because many if not most players are in the USA, they have to cater to us Burgerlanders

Well here in Kentucky we didn’t get any horse looking dinosaurs when the Kentucky derby came around lol you know the biggest sporting event and all. :-p


For Australia Day I want 10 attempts at darting Steve Irwin.

And yes I realise I wouldn’t be the first >.<!


I have that dino it’s extremely weak against the water based lethal wound opponents


Crikey he can Pinning Lockdown Rampage a Gator though!

I think that would cause “arena imbalance.”

Yeah like darting one Tenontorex…

…but 143 speed Thors with 2600 damage are fine LOL, Ahh Ludia -_-.

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OOooooohhhh…I feel bad now. A dark joke entered my head a second ago. Basically along the lines of “that stingray only needed one”. I’ll show myself out. =(

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Dont feel too bad, the day it happened I actually said to someone “I guess he won’t be finishing his Docu-MANTA-RAY” >.<