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Italian version of stigydaryx


What is tbd? I know her moves, just wanted to report the wrong translation

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“To be determined”? lol


Probably :joy::joy:


The same happens in Spanish


Is there not a proper translation? Or do you think they’ll eventually fix it?


I guess they just forgot to translate it. I’m sure they’ll fix it by 1.7


Thanks for letting us know @Marco_A, our team will be looking into it.

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Can someone explain to me what is the meaning of “Cleasing Swoop”?
When any creature makes an “exchange hit” it leaves the arena in a “clean” state. For example, if a Diloracherius that is bleeding makes a “Rampage and run” hit, it leaves the arena and stops bleeding. So, what kind of special “cleaning” does the “cleasing swoop” provide?

On the other hand, this blow does not have Delay, that means that it can go out to the arena and, assuming it is faster than the opponent, use this blow and leave without receiving any blow?

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The cleansing is most applicable to the inability to swap out. Say you swap in Stigy; w/ swap in invinsibility you would be pinned for two turns, but using cleansing swoop you can swap out even if you were pinned that round. Much like regen allows DC to swap out, except it’s all part of one move.


It is understood !!! but then it is a dino terribly powerful and has a reputation for garbage !!!

If I have understood correctly, let’s suppose that I have a slow dino (say a Thor) with little life and in front there is a faster dino and with a powerful gole (no shield breaker) with little life (suppose a Tryo or a Utarinex). I could change to Stygy, save the Thor, the stygy would not get hit and being faster than the rival with “superiority strike” kill the rival and wait for a new dinosaur and according to the speed of the new rival and if it breaks shields or not , bleed in one way or another and flee.

It seems better to me than what I had read so far


and then it is a useful dino much better than the pterovexus that is completely useless because after the exchange can not be changed in two shifts and it is almost impossible to survive two shifts with so little health. What about this creature is a sad story. The monomimus was the best legendary of the arena in version 1.4, in version 1.5 it became a useful dino only for special occasions and in version 1.6 it has become pure garbage. We all expected their unique, the famous “Unique of Monomimus” that should be the best dino in the arena … and they put it together with the most difficult dino to get (Darwin) and made it the possibly worst unique in the arena. … there are very difficult things to understand.