Item 151 on todays glitch list


Anyone else absolutely HATE the stun glitch that shows the creature assume the stun position just before the action occurs? It bugs the hell out of me since I know that I’m going to get stunned (conversely, I do like it when I can see that my stunner is going to land).

Still - be nice to see that go away.

Also, how come sometimes when I get stunned my creature goes all limp and wobbly, other times it just does its little ‘ready for action’ bobbing and weaving?



Yes that happened to me too. My dino goes limp even before the opponent’s dino struck but I think they’d fixed it cos it’s not occurring any longer.


I don’t know why but stuns make me super anxious and the pre animation gives me a couple seconds of relief :joy:

@Joe_Ng I still get that limp animation in battles.


That someone even bothers to write this is beyond me…


I just read your complaint in Samuel Jackson’s voice… lol


Yet here you are… reading and commenting…

That is beyond me. So there, we’re even.


It simply had to be said. And I’m in a sarcastic mood, so it adds up.


:rofl: :metal:

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They look so sad when that happens! Like… They know it’s coming. Annnd stun. :frowning:


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