Item Backstory

Is there any way the developers can add a sentence or two of flavor text to each item? This is one of the coolest parts of the game, but only a few items have it. For example one weapon is a thigh bone, how cool would it be to get an explanation of what is going on there? Seems like this would be easy and quick to implement.

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I disagree. There isn’t alot of content in this game and the backstories of characters and their items are some of the few things I can see being used to expand future content. Don’t write yourself into corner.

Love this idea. And it’s cheap and easy to implement as well!

It is on all the Legendaries right now, but I agree many of the Epic items are also very cool and could use it, but development time is precious and there are plenty of people who have never read any of the text descriptions on any of the items.

I know. Literally, one or two sentences typed into the end of the existing item effect description with a tag to change the font.

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They thighbone is from a church in Ravenloft in the Curse of Strahd setting in 5e. Its also the only item in game that I can think of that actually comes from D&D 5e Lore