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Item rank vs rarety

Anyone else noticed that an epic armor/chest lv 1, is identical in stats to a lv 5 rare.
And, again, a rare is equal in stats to a common item 4 levels higher (fxlv 2 rare lv 6 common)
So, them commons are not so bad in some cases if you get enough.
What common items do you still use, even though you might have a higher version, due to better abilities?
I still use the common cleric head piece and legs as the abbilities offered is better for me

What items, esp in the epic level, do you find better that the legendary version?
Also, what are, in your oppinion the worst legendaries? Personally, I find the mage trinket, explode on death, to be mediocre at very best.

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It’s all about combining different equipments to combo out, especially in pvp.
Raika’s Yeti bone hammer can attack all enemies in the same zone. Even though it’s just a rare, combine that with her legendary legs which double damage and any equipment that give you fury. Take a chance at proc’ing your weapon’s attack all zone and you pretty much destroyed your opponent’s team.

Farideh’s Wanderer’s laurel is overlooked. Combine it with the above scenario and you pretty much have won.

Tommus’ axe of sharpness has an ability called clean sweep to decrease AC. This especially great with counterattack because for some reason the counter can also proc the clean sweep which should make short work of your enemies in pvp and challenges.


Since realizing armor doesn’t grant any abilities other than appearance, I’ve been leveling up all the armor I can. Figure sooner or later the lower-rarity stuff will catch up with the epics and legendaries.

I think I prefer Calliope’s epic lute over the legendary one, since Dominate is a more useful ability than Power Word Kill. Definitely switch them for PvP. And I’m going to have a hard time giving up Halbenet’s epic weapon. I remember at least two fights where he kept giving himself Death Ward and resurrected over and over until he killed all the enemies.

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It’s not just armor where the odd common or rare item provides a useful skill. I sometimes use witch bolt with Shevarith, or Farideh’s rare boots.

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This is known, level 1 rare = common +4 levels, level 1 epic = rare +4 levels, level 1 legendary = epic +4 levels

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Well, it was new to me😉

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I have access to all of shevarith’s legendary’s but i do not wear all of them.
Epic and rare have way better effects sometimes.
1-The pants, they give me 20% chance to ready all my abilities…
1-My rare ones gives me 75% to ready all my abilities.

2-legendary book with 300% damage + the 25% proc kill
2-rare one does 4 attacks of 100% (total 400% dmg, which is better) + if you have multiple enemy, it will spread around, which is something i like a lot.

For my warlock its the same:
1- legendary weapon hits for 75% and only WHEN it procs does it go for 150% + 100% bleed damage
1- i take the rare weapon: 75% push back with 150% dmg.
So in the long run, the rare will do more damage just because of the sheer proc chances.

2-the legendary boots have a 20% to proc a 25% dmg reduction on all the enemy’s
2-the rare ones has 75% to hit someone for 250% dmg. In PVP this is broken when you’re the one who is disarmed (can’t attack) and you just move and keep on attacking.

1-pants: the legendary is a straight up heal only for the row, i like it but it goes down to what dungeon you’ll be facing because the RARE restore is nice, but more importantly, the EPIC one is godlike in PVP: 75% chance to hit 2 ranged target while moving.
2-the legendary helm: heal 150% all allies for a 7turn CD: worse one out there.
2- the EPIC one: (i have it maxed) heal for 150% 1 allie 1turn CD. So i can spam that every turn for around 2 000.
2-the common too is really nice! 3 turn CD for 250%. I was using that till i got the EPIC one to level 3.

3-weapon epic - yeah, i can see that the death ward is really nice, but personnaly, the 25% proc + the fact that it buffs a random teamate makes it a little unreliable. As soon as i got the legendary i took it.
It provided me with more overall stats for heals and when i do have to hit people, i have a 50% to do double damage which is better in my opinion. ** My tactic is always hits from FAR with the rangers and heal them with my helm, if anyone gets in range they get wacked 1 shot by halbernet OP attack stats.

4- legendary ring: I do not have this one, but it gives 25% to boost all the party’s defense by 10% for 1 turn. I think it’s good, unless you have the comon ring to level 13.
4-Comon ring: 75% proc when hit to heal you for 50% of your attack damage. For me, its around 800.
With halbernet, i can tank LOTS of thing without using any healing spells just because he self heal with this. If i had some sort of dmg/healing meters, this thing would be around 60-70% of my heals.

1-legendary quiver: this hits 5 targets for 50%, the only problem is that you need 5 targets, it won’t hit 2 times to same target: kinda lame.
1-RARE: reduce the defense of your target by 50% + gives you an extra turn, this litterally BOOST all of your party’s dmg like crazy. It’s perfect on a boss or a huge troll that will kill someone on the next turn, to help you kill it faster.

2-legendary HELM: attack all the enemy in 2 zones for 75%. ** HORRIBAD
2-comon helm: hits 3 additionnal targets (total 4 arrows) for 125%. Yes it choose the targets randomly, but it can double tap a target, or 4 tap a single one. So you can use it to NUKE a boss, or maybe destroy a stealth target in row#2 while your basic attack can’t because there is an enemy on row#4.
ON PVP’ i’ve won LOTS of battles because of it.

These are just fews that i know by heart because these 4 are my main characters, but yeah VERY often do lower rarity gear is WAY better than legendary’s.


Hey @sigma and @deathmessia, I would like to say thank you for your advice! It really did help improve my team, and it made my matches more interesting. :star_struck:

I’ll definitely start looking into more mix and matching with gears now. :muscle:

@deathmessia, I’d probably add Tommus’ common helm power attack 375% dmg with a 3 turn CD. I have the legendary gloves that provide some counter attack, so power attack is a great boon.

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Love this discussion. Thank you for the advice.