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Item Synergy Would Be Nice

It’d be very cool if there were set bonuses based on rarity. Like, wear three rare items, get a small buff of some type, wear a complete set of legendaries, get an extra benefit, etc.

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Full set of legendary could give bonus to HP or AC +10% (something like that)

I agree that would be nice :+1:

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Cool idea, D_K. I like it. :smiley:

In the Grewhawk campaign setting, certain artifacts had “resonating” properties, such that if a character possessed or equipped than one from the set, then they would grant additional powers, although often at the cost of increasing roleplaying restrictions.

I remember that the Regalia of Might (Crown, Orb and Sceptre), with a set each for the moral alignments, had these properties. The Hand and Eye of Vecna as well.

I don’t recall more mundane items with this effect.