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Item to refund boosts please

Would be great if we could find (rare drop from epic strike towers) or buy in the store an item that would refund (without the 50% penalty) all the boosts from a single dinosaur (or even just HP or Attack or Speed individualy).

Since boosts take so long to acquire and are very expensive in the shop, losing 50% of them when you want to try a new team is ridiculous.

I know people will say that it will ruin PVP because pay to win will help some players refund all their stats for every tournament to get the best possible team, but I don’t mind that, I would never get in the top 500 anyway lol

Tell me what you think!


I’d pay hard cash for a boost refund item. It wouldn’t ruin PvP any more than selling boosts already has.


I really like this idea. Yeah there’s a lot of variation in exactly how it would work, but I would take an item that you had to pay hard cash for that gave you a full refund over the current free 50% refund. It would be nicer if you could do both, but it would be really nice to be able to refund all of your boosts on your own terms (as long as it wasn’t too expensive). And they should still do boost resets after significant updates.

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