Item with 100% chance

I did notice a few time lately some item with 100% chance aren’t happening all the time. I only saw this behavior in PvP.

The item I had notice aren’t working like it should are
Jarlaxle rare boots sometimes I get no extra move
Jarlaxle common ring I had him not being restore on the beginning on his turn and I never had that issue with tommus.

Raika boots I was disarm choose to move for some heal and it did not trigger any heal.

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Hi Krom

I opened 3 tickets for epic boots of Raika which are supposed to proc 100% of the time after level 7 (but they don’t).
Then told me they were working on fixing the issue…

Same here, reported it a while back and never got an update. I just started using the common pants because i got them to level 16 after the buff.