Item with kill effect

First I really don’t like that skill
How useful is it for you?

Also could it be possible to make it clear if our target life is below the threshold? Happened a few time I’m sure it below 50% hit the skill and it not resist it just used when it was useless to do it…

There are more then 1 skill that has the kill feature, whose skill are you referring to? The kill skill works everywhere except bosses, they’re immune to it.

I know it doesn’t work on boss and for PvE or PvP most of the time it is useless as the basic attack will kill the target anyway I won’t need a kill effect

Rogue one is resisted often, maybe 33%-50%.I didnt check Bard one yet

I have only tried the bard one so far and except for tanky monster I’m always better with a regular attack I barely use it. And even if I were to upgrade my weapon for faster cooldown I will always be better with dominate

That is why I didnt tried it yet

That is hard to use. Crowd control is better

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Well at least this one does something whatever the life of your target and might just kill it!

And the upgrade is just faster recharge

The wizard one is great. 300% dmg, plus chance to kill = great item