It's a New Dawn

A lot has been said about JWA’s demise, a misstep here, boosts over there, but I am seeing something else …

Multiple local sanctuaries with creatures of all levels, new alliances filled with optimistic players, old ones with new players coming in …

Co-ops bursting with drive and ideas … ARK, BOB …

And dare I say it … Ludia not completely screwing things up …

Perhaps some of the “old guard” have had their day … it’s a new dawn it’s a new day … and I’m feeling good …


Fresh players into the game and community will always be a good thing, as it brings new viewpoints and new ideas and suggestions, and optimism never hurts.

Communities are an evolving thing all the time, just like in real life its the same with forums and fan bases. Heck even ive been thinking up a few ideas to try and help the game like I used to.

Generally I know I wanna be more positive with my own attitude and posts, but its hard to break after years of letdowns and bugs. However its worth a try!

The game has tons of potential, as do new community members which are the future “long timers”, we just need to be sure to make them feel welcome and not attacked!

I dont wanna rain on your parade… but were still missing 30k players from last season who have yet to battle so less players is still less players… unless everyone is just avoiding the arena.

As for the sanctuaries… there was a post on here last week about two people hundreds of miles apart that can physically walk to and visit whats the same sanctuary.

Seems Ludia made a change where sanctuaries have more then one physical location. This is a positive change though… having thousands of empty sanctuaries wasnt really doing anything for anyone.


Since I’ve joined the ARK and became a part of Co Op Sanctuaries and working/meeting numerous alliances and leaders, my whole game experience has changed.

It’s like a whole new world from working with just your alliance on low level sanctuaries to working with lots of other alliances on multiple level 20 sanctuaries. It’s a lot of fun with the organization and meeting new players.

Sure does make all the exclusive dna a lot easier to obtain.

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Arena is not the main feature of JWA as much as Ludia wants to con its player base into accepting it to be. Its hunting and exploring.

Arena or any form of battling is really one dimensional. You choose an attack, the opponent responds. You swap in something and repeat. There is not healing items, mid battle buffs you can do or anything beyond swap. So trying to have a game based on such a system is not going to work.

The primary focus of the game is whatever Ludia decides it to be and their current direction has it being 1 part fips, 1 part arena, 1 part events/missions, and 1 part hunting. In the that order.

Their are “sanctuary dinos”, arena exclusives, event exclusives. Their is no hunting exclusive… would be nice… dino only available from hunting… cant be placed in sanctuaries, cant be won from incubators, never ran in an event. Would make hunting a bit more impactful to team progressions


A few months back I mentioned a theory in one of my videos that the fact daily missions require 3 Interactions while you only get 2 from the free incubator may be setting up them to create a demand for them to start selling, we shall see if that happens :slight_smile:

Thats like the easiest mission to complete though you get 4 of those free chests per day so 8 interactions possible per day. If you need to buy those to complete the mission your not even playing the game…

They leave so much money not selling bigger fip bundles… bang for buck that 1.99 trainer bundle is imo the best offer in the shop.


Oh I know its easy to complete, but lets say your daily is about to expire and you need 1 more FIP or you won’t complete it, that could drive someone to spend to complete it.

You get 6 Free Interacts if you log on 3 times a day in 6 hour intervals. Or at least 4 Interacts.

If Ludia ever sold FIP items as a means to make profits, the heavens will part and money will rain from the sky.

Ludia doesnt know what to sell if it bite it in the money maker.

Ludia doesnt want to sell it in that fashion. I would spend 10s of $$$ during the sanc building period for my coop.

I would buy FIP items if Ludia actually bothered to sell said items. There is already a huge demand for such items. Every 3 hours you get 38 Epic DNA if you have 2 lvl 20 sancs. Assuming you are able to log on 15 of the 24 hours of the day. That is 190 Epic DNA. Endure to 18 hours waking span you get 228 Epic DNA per day. That is 1 unique fuse a day. Ludia would make a killing from the have-money have no darting skill demographic.

You said before what is a few bucks here and there. Ludia could easily earn millions a day initially from the player base. If they sold 5 bundles instead of one every reset day, they would make huge profits.

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Yeah I’ve given up trying to work out why they do or dont do the things they do lol. And you are right thete would definitely be a demand for them.

One othet possible answer could be they wish to slow player progression, because with tons of sales players will burn through content crazy fast and have nothing to do, especially if they are hunters or collector who prefer to avoid arena.

So maybe they just slowly dolling out content ovet time? Not sure, it’s Ludia lol

If they wanna slow down player progression, they shouldnt be selling boosts and giving IndoR G2 away.

Ludia doesnt want to make money. It doesnt want to slow player progression. It just be weird.

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Well according to Samsung’s stats JWA is unfortunately falling. The first image shows last 32 weeks, the second shows last 4 weeks

It’s only logical, not unfortunate. The concept of the game is awesome and very addictive, but poor balancing and even poorer QA can ruin any game. To me boosts aren’t nearly as disruptive as all the bugs and crashes or all the some-way-“exclusive” dinos that are constantly introduced. Newcomers will have a blast in the beginning, but will eventually fall into the relatively stale meta, mostly because of how imbalanced some creatures are and how hard to get others are.

Once the game becomes somewhat of a routine, you can start to challenge yourself instead of letting the game no longer challenge you.
Shared sanctuaries is a good start, we’re currently involved in ARK and getting our first level 20 sanctuary soon. That’s awesome.
Personally there’s little achievements I keep trying. Of course the obvious one is trying to complete dinodex (again) or to try perfect darting sessions. So far I managed 360 on 2 dinos, but who knows there’s more to come.

An achievement I’ve been trying for a while now, but I probably will never make it, is getting a screenshot from the 2 daily missions “100 darts and 60 direct hits” which are both at 100 by the time of collecting. I think I got to 85-90 direct hits out of 100 once, but far from there yet. This is insanely hard. (Getting to exactly 60 and exactly 100 at the same time is easier and also fun, managed that already)

I always try to be the one who solos the first 2 levels of alliance missions as soon as the week starts. I pop scents, open a ton of supply drops and open incubators I got saved up to get coins and DNA, etc. It’s fun :slight_smile: I can imagine this is a bit hard in a top alliance, and in mine I’m not the only one trying either.

Another minigame I use to make the game bit less boring is whenever I finish a darting session I try to guess how much I darted. Of course this is easy with all direct hits, but with an epic or rare that moves around a lot it’s a nice challenge to try to estimate how well you did.
You can do this by either estimating or doing actual quick math.

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ARK is doing great things - good to hear you are part of it - what’s your Alliance?

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Where have you been?

Pounce Global is the name. Got some help from @DinoL3o


Welcome to the ARK.

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