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It's a punishment to have level 24-27 level dinos

I thought that you are getting stronger with higher level dinos and do better in battle but it is the exact opposite. Once you get you dinos up to level 24 or something like that, you start getting matched with maxed out level 30 dinos and you just can’t win anymore.

Really often I have to fight a maxed out level 30 Thor and he takes out my whole team. It happens 8/10 times when I try to battle and it ruins the game. I have played the game daily for many years but I’m thinking of removing the game because of this stupid match-ups

If I could go back in time I would never upgrade my dinos to more than 20-24 because it all goes downhill from that point until you have maxed out all your dinos yourself.

I went from 5200 trophies to 4200 when i got higher leveled dinos. Why is that??!


is my idea or it is hapenig in all of the arenas
uniques at 24 in sorna mmmmmmm

Accordin to ludia, the opponent you face is base on team power. I find this to be crap, bc my highest level creature is lvl 25 with lvl 27 stats, but I always fight people 26-30 and they are super boosted or just maxed out in general. And it just my one creature that is strong that makes me fight those people