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It's a sad day. I think it's time to leave the game


Who has read me through the forum since I appeared will know that I have always tried to be positive with the game. This game is the only game I’ve played in recent years and has become part of my daily life. I have dedicated many hours to walking hunting dinos to then improve my level and battle. At the beginning it was very fun and with each new version appeared new hybrid dinosaurs to create and incorporate them into the team. As over time I have achieved an acceptable level, my team can only incorporate uniques or legendary that are already superhibited and that in theory are already final. In version 1.5, in December, Thor appeared, the last dinosaur created that I could incorporate to the team.

The previous version was a great disappointment. Create only two uniques, descendants of the same epic and that this was one of the strangest was for me a joke in bad taste. In fact, I have never created any of the three birds (the two unique and the legendary) of the previous version. At that time I was about to leave the game but I thought that we had to give time for them to realize the error.

In this time I continued to hunt useless creatures with the hope that at some point unique hybrids would be created that would make sense of that hunting time. I have components to create legendary or epic of level higher than 25, some higher than 27, that expect unique (monolometrodon, dracoceratops, procerathomimus, edmontoguanodon, dimodactylus, …), more than 30,000 DNA of many rares without hybrid (delta, Charli , Whero, …), more than 5000 DNA from many epics. I expected, like many, the creation of some powerful unique formed by a legendary current and some common, rare or epic.

And what do I find? Two new unique that I can not even create formed by six components of which:

3 I can not hunt: Diplodocus, arambourgiana, Baryonix Gen 2
3 are the strangest possible hunters; Spino Gen 2, Koola Gen 2 and eliko Gen 2

Why go out and hunt if the collected DNA is no good at all?

I have commented with members of the alliance who think the same and who advise me to do the same as them from the previous version. They advise me to stop hunting and only engage in weekly events and towers. Maybe I’ll listen to them but then, does this game make sense? I will have to answer myself next few days.

For now I will wait a few days to see the changes, without much hope that the result I like.

I do not want to end without saying that I can perceive that the effort for the new version has been extraordinary. It shows that it has been many hours trying to improve the game but, in my opinion, in the wrong direction. I hope, although I doubt it, that the changes will help new users to join the game and can, at least at the beginning, enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed it.

PS: Maybe in another post I talk about the second point of the new version that has filled me with sadness. Not only does the tryko and the drake not nerf, but a Tryko 2 is created in the figure of the Dio. I wanted my useless dioraja to have more value but I did not need him to become a disgusting Tryko.


Could have written same words.

Great said.



Dracoceratops, procerathomimus, edmontoguanodon, dimodactylus seemed a good patch for all of these. So what if they aren’t getting uniques when they are strong enough already.

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Until we know more about the daily migrations kind of stuff its really a hard point to aay hunting has become useless… if daily dino gives Ludia away to open dino spawns up without them having to worry about balance issues with more quality spawns hunting might become vastly better in 1.7




I don’t get it. Doesn’t everyone have huge amounts of DNA that don’t have hybrids? If it takes 6 weeks for the artists to create just one, how many new ones do you expect per release? I haven’t bothered with the new 1.6 creatures and don’t feel the need to. Probably the same with the 1:7 creatures.

My Alliance complains about everyone using the same creatures to battle except they say I am using the exception. Yep, I use 2 Rares and a couple that were nerfed in release 1.5. Just 2 Uniques because I can’t get resources to level the others high enough. Yet I am currently ranked 248.


Since version 1.5 this is the way Ludia forces us to play.

I’ve suggested before that Ludia understand their game as a dictatorship. They force us to play their way. For this, they removed wild spawns in version 1.5.
Additionally, they reduce or increase green supplies as they see fit. When they feature meta relevant dinos there are fewer event drops. When there are meta useless dinos, they increase green drops to engage players.

Their new schedule only reinforce this. Ludia doesn’t want people to progress faster than the pace they pre-set.

I realised this long ago and that’s why I stopped hunting. I don’t go for a walk expecting to find valuable dinos. I know I will only find them during events.
So, when I plan my hunting sessions I walk a circuit where I’ll find the largest number of green supplies.

The second way of playing is using scents. Going to specific locals to find specific dinos using scents.

Outside those two game modes, there’s nothing you can do to influence the type of dinosaurs you find.
Ludia has “absolutist” control over spawns.


yeah id pack my bags too… you are going to have to fight in the arena daily to get the stats boosts lol. let the fun begin!!

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I’m bunkering up and waiting for the new daily & alliance missions. Fingers crossed and hoping dearly for some Spinonyx components… Been a huge fan of it since I heard its legend on Metahub… Yeah I’ll lose my Erlikosaurus supply and won’t finish the Erlidominus, but bring the new stuff IN! Whatever’s around the corner, whether it helps me fuse the new stuff or not, even if I don’t finish my Thoradolosaur with the Sino supply cut, ooh… This is gonna be a good hunt. :slight_smile:


But I do not understand it. The objective of them should be to make money and then I do not know why they do everything contrary to what is reasonable to earn money. Between the months of October and December I spent a lot of money, about 200 euros, basically buying the evolution incubators level to get coins to evolve the creatures that I got. It seemed ridiculous to have spent so much money on a game but on the other hand I had a lot of fun playing. In December I wanted to spend 55 euros on the special offer, if I remember correctly, 14,000 tickets, but I missed the deadline and then the offer did not come out again. Then I was glad I did not buy it because they were not necessary. In version 1.6 not a single dinosaur came out that was worth evolving so I did not need to buy coins anymore.

Almost 4 months later I expected that in this version there would be creatures for which it was worth spending money but I find this version? I can not spend REAL money evolving creatures because I have no creature to evolve and I can not spend REAL money on scents because important DNA can not be found. It’s crazy !!! I was looking forward to spending something (not too much) REAL money and it turns out that I can not.

Imagine that in this version had been created NORMAL uniques that many expected. A component of the hybrid would be a current hybrid (dimodactylus, dracoceratops, edmontoguanodon, Anlylosauro, monolometrodon, …) and the second a dinosaur without hybrid (Miragaia, tany, delta, charly, whero, quetzal, secondotosauro, brachio, … .). What would have been the result? for many of us would have created it by spending hundreds of thousands of coins and needing to possibly buy some more with real money. In addition, if there was a scarce component, perhaps we would spend real money to buy aromas to obtain it.

But no, quite the contrary, it seems that they say “we do not want your money”.

Seriously, no matter how many laps I give, I do not understand it.


Is it that you’ve spent lots of time gaining DNA for hopefully useful dinos but it feels like you’ll never use that DNA without a limit because of the (created)rarity of its paired fusing partner OP?


That’s alot of paragraphs, can you like, paraphrase it to like 1 or 2 sentences so I can comprehend it. If not then that’s fine.


Basically he is saying that ludia has made the new dinos so difficult to obtain that even spending money wont get it you so they are losing out. Hoever if they made some hybrids out of current components we spend coins and if new components where out in wild we would scent it up and ludia would make money.


Coolio thanks a bunch.

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You had time to troll his post, yet you don’t “comprehend” the message he’s conveying? I find that hard to believe lol




What I understood is that you’re upset because you don’t have enough DNA for the good hybrids that are coming and have tons of DNA’s of others that didn’t get a hybrid… I’m sorry but that sounds so futile… with so many cool new features coming to the game, many of which we’ve been asking for ages… matchmaking adjustments, tournament changes, RNG reduction, more migrations… Leaving the game now because of DNA seems foolish.


I do not know who asked that a Tryko of 22 with one point more speed could kill without problems a Thor, his only counter without problems. I also do not know who asked that a Utarinex of 23 with an increase in speed be better than a Utarinex of 29. I do not know who asked that if I use my poor stegodeus of 29 the game will penalize me with worse pairings and less score and, instead, if someone uses a Tryko of 25, with an increase in speed, the game will provide good pairings and reward you with them. Really someone had asked for all this?


I always feel Ludia is like a ‘2 guys working out from the dorm room’ kinda operation. Can’t expect them to behave in any rational way :joy:


Welp… Buh bye.