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It's about time!

So looks like they’re finally making a pterosaur superhybrid after so long.


Wrong forum!


Looks like a Tapejalosaurus Hybrid…

so we finally get a look at the new Materotargasaur ( dna from a Tarbosaurus, Pteranodon & a Amargasaurus ) at long last ! ( triple dna based hybrid ) yippeeee about time they let it loose in our game lol :scream: :star_struck: :scream:

Was hoping for a Tropegopterus superhybrid, as the thing is so underpowered, and Tapejalosaur is already really good.
Still glad Pteros are getting some love


Tried my best

It is a tapejalocephalus go google and search it it you will know what it is mad out of

So this super-hybrid should be classified Rare, presumably. Now a Super-Rare amphibian superhybrid would really make things interesting for those SR-only events. Do it, please, Ludia. :neutral_face:

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The new super hybrid is out:

Requirements to make:

SDNA has switched over for daily missions:

This is sort of a swing and a miss Ludia, the stats of the level forty Tap are already almost the same as the Super Hybrid…

are the stats wrong on the super hybrid?


For instance…
Diplosuchus from Diplotator


Is a sizable jump in power

This is not:


Gotta collect them all. Even the bad ones.

Some do, some don’t. :sunglasses:

Yeah this is really disappointing. Hopefully they tweak these stats because they make no sense.

Watch them now nerf the tapejalosaurus…

Oh God…

It’s really bad