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It's actually pretty great!

After getting over the shock of “losing” all my carefully crafted stat boosts, I’ve now realized a few things.

  1. It’s a game. Without end. A very fun game.

  2. I am usually in rural areas, and I’ve noticed the my local map is much more fruitful than before. Yay. I’m not always in a position to go hunting. Ludia would do well to note the location of players (especially VIP players) and make the local area fun.

  3. The battled are way more interesting. A week ago, there were a few amped-up creatures that, once it appeared you knew you were doomed. I kept fighting boosted indoraptor, Thora, and a couple others. Kind of a drag to think that in order to advance I would have to get those. I hate following the crowd. Meh. Boring. Now battles are way more interesting, reward good tactics, and benefit from Luck.

Good job!


Yep I think when the shock does wear off from everyone who felt it they will see that in terms of actually matches, things probably improved.


Yes. Strategy is important now when you spend boosts. It’s not just a competition of who bought more. Much better.


Yep because now even if someone has more boosts, if they used them poorly they can still lose. Like say someone with an Erlidom went damage heavy, someone else might has less damage but more speed and then one shot them.

Its all about who, what and WHY to boost something.

Also, I’m seeing a lot less eino and nunda which had become profoundly boring.

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The luck part is what turned me away. The dodging update makes it more luck and less skill.

And I can foresee when you go with upgrading the dodging birds now, it will be nerfed in the next update.

Each to their own, Enjoy your game.

What I used to do is have tons of matches (video record even to re-watch after) and the ones I lost or struggled with take note of WHY I was struggling, then add dinosaurs that counter it!

For instance if dodging is badly affecting your team? add some of the ones that hit threw dodge with precision or nulling dinosaurs.

My team was losing coz it was too slow, so I added more speedsters!

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Sure, but the luck component makes it exciting and random. That’s when you go “hahaha, close one, good match, could have gone either way.” As opposed to “this boosted indoraptor is going to kick my butt, unless I get really lucky. Maybe I should devote all my effort toward building a strong indoraptor.”

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If you are English that makes the second post I have read about more dino spawns in England lol

I’m seeing a lot less Dracoceratops as well which is a blessing!


Absolutely no problem with the boost reset, battles are fun but can’t agree with the map, I’m in suburban areas all the time and there is is just not enough dinos I walk 5kms every morning and the last 2 days have produced next to no dinos, before the update was no problem and have taken different routes. I can see in the distance little huddles of dinos but they are not accessible by walking. I have read so many posts/replies on here with so many saying “while driving I find heaps it always buzzes now” Ludia have gone the wrong way. If you have to drive to expand you dna capture then that is going to end badly. This makes it difficult to help Alliance members with dna requests. Hope they fix it…but doubt it

Dinos move out of the burb’s and into the countryside but also onto the highways :no_entry_sign:

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Much like the new Boost system the new Dodge system is going to take people some getting used to but once they do they will realize that it actually incorporates more strategy into the game not luck. It’s going to encourage you to use a more diverse team that includes nullifiers and precise moves whereas previously everyone just kind of threw damaged at them and hope the 50% allowed them to hit. The setup of your team and your counters for Dodge are going to become more important meaning that part of the strategy is going to become your team composition

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I think they moved to lower Aviary, because I’m seeing ol’ ratface every freaking match. Most of them not boosted but very high level.

Theoretically, you are right. One should adopt.

But given the track record of Ludia, they will nerf dinos when they see fit.

And given the boost system, you need to boost a dino to be useful. That’s money to them.

I haven’t logged in the game since yesterday and I enjoy my free time (and free of mind). I started playing in the first month, and it was fun. It went downhill after the boosting thing.

What is going to happen is Ludia is going to watch and see what dinos the average player is boosting. Then nerf those dinos to sell more boosts for the new buffed dinos and leave the Rat untouched.

General rule of thumb is don’t invest in something simply coz its OP and not a super hybrid legendary or unique, stepping stone and OP dinosaurs tend to get nerfed sooner or later, where as end product dinosaurs don’t normally stay nerfed for long…usless their flyers of course or Toura.

Rat is the exception since it gained the ability - “Immunity to nerfs!”


Typed at the same time as me and we both mentioned no nerfs for rat lmao

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Yeah force of habit lol.

Rat is the boost mascot so generally its protected >.<!