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It's all about hardware

For some time I’ve been complaining that scrolling through the list of my dinos
in the battle menu was incredibly slow for me. If I for example wanted to select a level 40 Carnoraptor which is approximately between position 150 and 200 in my lineup it took almost one minute to reach it, even longer if a lot of the preceding dinos were in cooldown. This behavior got worse with every game update in the last months. At the end I was additionally no longer able to do code 19s because I had little micro freezes in the slider.

In time I lost confidence in my over 4 year old tablet with 16gb of memory and 2gb RAM.

It’s holiday season now and in these corona times I decided to spend my money on a new device instead of a week at the beach. I bought a Samsung galaxy tab S6 with 128gb memory and 6gb of RAM.

Ludia was so kind to transfer my guest account to the new device, so I was able to test it for the first time the day before yesterday.

What should I say. It is like playing a new game. Scrolling through my list is so fast now, I couldn’t believe it was possible. Nearly every function of the game is smoother and even the graphics are much better. I was so happy after I stopped crying.

I assume that performance problems are almost always caused by hardware limitations. This seems only logical to me because I have the suspicion for a long time that software and hardware companies do have some kind of alliance. Sofware companies do make their products more hardware hungry in time so that hardware companies can sell their products over and over again.


On my device, scrolling through my line-up is also very slow. After the virus, I’m probably going to buy a new device to play on. Hopefully, I get the same reaction as you.


There is no alliance between software and hardware companies.

BUT, software companies won’t spend money optimizing (speeding up) software, if it runs ok on current hardware.

Software companies won’t test on 4 year old hardware to make sure it works happy.

Unless, it is business to business software, and you have a contract, and the hardware was originally supported 4 years ago. Than, the software company might be stuck with it. And still stuck with it for 4-8 more years too.


@Tommi congrats on the S6, heard it’s a Legendary (JWTG pun intended) tablet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I play on Tab S4, and when I play the game while having my tablet connected to the S4 keyboard and suddenly if the keyboard gets detached the game lags. Normally, though, it runs smoothly. Also, I have a phone which is around 3-4 years old but even there it runs smoothly (probably because it had a factory reset a few months back since it didn’t belong to me before 2020).

I think, to a small extent, storage space also plays a big role in deciding if your game will be laggy or not…


Agreed, the problem is that it ran smoothly when I started to play almost four years ago, my problems started approximately one year ago. Their new features in several updates definitely made it more hardware hungry.
They may have no explicit alliance but I think hardware companies are not unhappy if software companies add more and more hardware challenging features.


It’s lag when your Dino’s are on cool down. Try sorting by carnivores to get faster “swiping” :joy:. Do this for each Dino.

Yup when I switched from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone Xs it was amazing how much smoother the game operates when placed on newer hardware.


The game sometimes lags for me but that’s probably due to my incredibly low storage space. Neither can I uninstall Google Meet and other similar apps, nor do I have the heart to clear 700 mb by deleting Jurassic Park Builder from the device.

But yet I’m surprised that the game still runs considerably smooth even with such a low storage space. I didn’t pay much attention to how it runs on my >30GB free space (!) phone mainly because I play on the tablet almost always.

Tomorrow I’ll play a bit on my phone and see how it runs, but I did experience lineup scrolling lags quite a few times like @Tommi pointed out.

It’s sometimes annoying, especially if the watch video option for cooldown isn’t there and you accidentally buy a creature out of it’s cooldown unnecessarily :eyes:


Thank you for sharing your experience, @Tommi.

If I may add, feel free to leave the model of your device and current firmware that you use to play JWTG - regardless if the game lags/disconnects/crashes or not. This would greatly helps the dev team to tackle these issues. :slight_smile:


New update : Yes I agree it’s all about hardware :sweat_smile:

My Tablet
Storage - Around 500 mb free
Release Date - 2018
Scrolling Through Lineup/Overall Smoothness in Gameplay - Quite smooth

My Mobile
Storage - 25 GB free
Release Date - Around 2016
Game Smoothness - Not exactly “smooth”, sometimes extra laggy

The game used to run perfectly fine back in 2017-2018. Now? Some foreigner migrating to the US must’ve mistaken the word “smooth”.

@Daven I play this game with IPad Air gen 3 256 go sometimes I feel frustrated because of many crashes while my game runs smoothly.

Somehow, as each day storage space runs out quicker, the game is very smooth on my tablet whereas it lags on my phone a lot which has 30 GB free space.

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@Jurassic_Fury 1.5 gb for this game :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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@Nonthawath_777 true, but I am infact quite astonished and surprised that the game is running so smooth even though I have less than 500 mb free space on my tablet.

@Jurassic_Fury I think it depends on cpu , gpu and ram rather than spaces.