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It's an edmontosaurus notification

Got a notification of “it’s an edmontosaurus get it while you can” (or something along those lines).

Think to myself… Huh. I thought they decided today was a no featured Dino day.

Open game thinking that they reverted back to the original schedule.

Nope. No featured Dino.

The multiple teams at Ludia need to talk to each other more as it is quite silly getting notifications for events that are not live.


Yep. The original calendar was fully intended and set up.
Dunno what’s bitten them in the back at the last moment. But definitely wasn’t the official reason given.

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This the ultimate troll…

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Just watch. On Friday we’ll get a notification about Edmontoguanodon when we still have the rares. :joy:

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The ultimate betrayal will be Sunday getting a notification to go get some Tentorex dna.


They have few days to correct it… Wait and see :sweat_smile:

Well hello there Easter box

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Yes that would suck to get a notification that said go get some tenontorex dna on Sunday. I don’t want to see that at all.

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It happened…i really thought they would have figured it out by now.


Hahahaha, you called it!

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Yeah me too. I really thought they would remove this. I was already feeling weird about this. They can’t even remove the notification.

Mfw the update notes is just a distraction to there screw up.

I’m not in any mood to play today which sucks. Should be a decent day not a chore day.

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Tenontorex did appear in the epic strike tower. Maybe that’s what they meant?