It's been a brutal 3 days


for me, anyways, it’s been brutal. anybody else having their tushies handed to them in battles? I was winning over half until the last update…now, i have won 4 matches in the last 72 hours. today…JUST today…i’ve lost a whopping 18 matches and gotten one win.

I keep getting matched up with players 5 to 10 levels higher, with dinos that have an average of over 2000 hit points more than me.

Just a wee bit frustrating, as i have my absolute top animals in the rotation.


and an interesting side detail…all day, in those 19 i’ve played (now 20), not one stun attack has worked…not even the major stun attacks…and that includes animals with no immunity…yet every opponent, it seems, can disable me with a minor 10 percent chance attack. and if anyone is gonna ask, i am in Lockdown.

The whole point being, they need to seriously rework how matches are done…it’s one thing to make it a challenge, it’s a whole other thing entirely to make it so your opponent is so overpowering, you have literally zero chance of even getting more than one kill in the round.


Yeah, I’m getting nailed by every single OP team falling down the ranks. This happens every tournament. Last tournament, Sorna Marshes was the “players’ graveyard”. This round, it’s Lockdown. The floodgates opened right as I was climbing back up into the Marshes to search for different DNA. I’m in freefall right now, probably stopping in Badlands.


And I didn’t just get my arse kicked, it was gift-wrapped and handed to me by the Ankyntro who started my death spiral.


I have not bothered to do 1 arena battle since September 1st. Just that day alone I went from 3100 down to 2863 and have been there ever since. It was a bad day for me in the arena so I feel your pain. Not only that but the last 2 battles that I did I was winning 2-1 with my 3 remaining dinosaurs FULLY healthy but yet somehow lost both times. 1 of those times even included me having my epic T-Rex and Indominus as 2 of my 3 dinosaurs remaining. That was the last straw of me battling in the arenas and I have no intention of battling in arenas again. I just stick to gym battles now. Arenas is too frustrating, infuriating, whatever other word you want to throw in there and seems like it can cause too many headaches.




Resoundly. I’m just wanting for this to be over soon, so I can go back to incub farming.


Except this Sunday at 145pm EDT?

I know what i’m gonna be doing that hour



Sadly, no BBCA here. Spectrum doesn’t have it, and I removed cable not too long ago. Hope I can torrent it, though. That’s what I’ve had to do before.


Oi… itll be on the bay of pirates by 3 eastern.


If TPB is back. It’s been down forever now…


Check your inbox, my excellent friend


New tournament.

I was deep in the marshes, now I find myself down in lockdown.

Questioning whether I continue playing, the fun is dwindling.

I’ve paid well over a couple hundred real dollars on this game.

Not worth spending the thousands that others are spending.

It’s a mobile phone game…


Well, I think that settles it.

There was NO reason to flag my post.


Do you guys battle constantly on these streaks, or just when there’s incubator slots open?


I find it’s best to quit after losing three in a row, otherwise you just keep getting matched with higher level players with overwhelming force.
That said, whenever there’s a tournament with trophy reset, it results in a bloodbath for the lower arenas.


Lockdown is absolutely brutal. I progressed a ton in between the tournaments, but I got forced back down a few days ago


I think the general consensus is that unless you pay hundreds upon hundreds if real world dollars, your progress will screech to a halt then go in reverse. Better to just uninstall the game like I did and save yourself the frustration. Then come back to the forums periodically to reinforce the decision :grin:


I’m totally tuning in for the new season of Doctor Who! :star_struck: Feels like forever since the last season.


Unless I’m just super unlucky (probably), spending lots still doesn’t guarantee much progress :sob: All the other real life goodies I could have spent on instead :frowning:


sweet dancing baby Groot…people flag over the stupidest stuff here. i made a comment with some symbols so i didn’t swear, and got like a dozen flags on it in an hour.

I feel for ya, man.