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It's been a long time coming

But I finally made it~!

My team:

Nothing is boosted over 6. Pretty proud of myself for finally getting here! Big thanks to my awesome alliance and all their support!


:heart_eyes: Congratulations, @Asta!! :tada: I hope you stay up!

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Congrats. Now that you’ve hit 5K, lets see if you lose 40 and win 20.


congrats. hope to face you sometime.

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Thanks! I hope I do also. :laughing:

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Congrats! You clearly deserve it! I know how much time and effort you put into the game especially battles. Keep it up!!

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I saw you close to 5k also, gotten over it yet?

Welcome! Get used to being in and out of it, sure you know how it is… I was well settled in middle Library for weeks until something changed in the matchmaking after the update and now it’s freaking hard to stay in this place


I’m fully expecting that to happen. At least I can say I’ve made it now. Lol

My first opponent in lockwood is:

First time I’ve seen a Nunda in Arena in almost a year.

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Not yet,. I got like 4940 and then lost 5 battles in a row lol, but I’ll get there, wait for me!

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You got this! Can’t wait for you to join me. :smiley:

Tha hell? I’ve never seen this insanity

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They’re sitting at 5200 too, so its somehow working for them. :laughing:

I got scared for a moment when that Gorgo came out, but I was able to beat them. :slight_smile:

I made it to Aviary for the first time ever today. You are my inspiration!


Congratz miLady! Good thing you two are managing to go up! At this rate we’ll meet, 'cause I’m mostly going down =P


Congrats! In Last tournament i was able to hit 5000 mark. Now I’m hovering in between 4900-5100. Sometimes battle against insanely highly boosted dino where I stand no chance.


Ah! That’s awesome! Hope to battle ya!

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Well .maybe they will.let you stay there for a bit. They really like to tease and then match you terribly for a while. Probably in hopes of you spending money to get back there, greedy Canadians.

Oh no. I stopped out after two battles, and with this new match making I’m seeing this: