It's been a while

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I last went on these forums, or even played JWA. Iv’e been kinda unmotivated to play the game as I feel as it is kinda getting boring (at least the last time I checked it was). I am finally getting back into the game due to some new and exciting updates though. Anyways, does anyone have any team suggestions? I’m currently in the Lockwood estate at 4272 trophies. I am currently using a level 23 indoraptor (boosted), a level 20 indominus rex, a level 22 thordor (boosted), a level 20 rajankylo who I plan on replacing with dioraj when I get that, a level 20 stegodeus, a level 20 monostegotops, a level 20 monolometrodon, and a level 18 tryostronix. Help is 100% appreciated and its great to be back on the forums.


Welcome Back

Do some battles, you should be able to get to aviary with that team. My team is weaker and I am already there

Try to get creatures like Erlidominus, Scorpius Rex Gen 3, and possibly a good resilient unique that doesn’t require event creature DNA, unless you have enough.