It's been said before

But it needs reading over and over till they listen, finally.

Fix. The. Matching. In. Arena.

Those of us who cannot afford to drop real money just can’t advance. I will never ever advance. I just got to accept that. I get one, maybe 2 battles into badlands, then get my rear end handed to me for 3, 4, 5 consecutive battles.

It’s not even close to a fair matchup when I have no epics, nothing above 18, and my opponents, tomer and again, have level 20 plus epics and legendary. Battle is over in two minutes flat, usually with no kills for me.

But, it’s quite apparent they only care about the advancement of the player who dumps 50 or more a month into this game.

I’m not saying free should be the same as paying players.

Just make it so we have at least a fighting chance.

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My key to getting out of badlands was a lvl 16 stegoceratops! Just keep trying :wink:

Hey, Im sorry you cant advance but… STOP.ASKING.FOR.IT.TO.BE.EASY…

Its the same old story, grind pay or be willing to wallow. They cant wont and shouldnt customize the game to make you happy because you want to be F2P

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I’m a free to play, and I’ve gotten far, I’m not giving up! And calm down!


Lol, calm down? Im good young man/woman but people need to stop asking for everything on a platter


Free player here too and let me tell you… Badlands? The real nightmare hasn’t even started yet my friend… when you get to Jurassic Ruins and Lockwood, you’ll miss those sweet times in Badlands :joy:


It’s alright that you face your limit with your dinos and can’t go further. Further opponent’s dinos are even more dangerous.

I also stucked at top-100 and can’t go to top-50 or top-10. Because my team is not good enough.


Sounds like you need to go outside and hunt more dinos.


You took a very aggressive approach, maybe that’s why I asked you to calm down.

Wow, is it hot in all that bubble wrap? That wasnt aggressive, I responded in the same “format” the OP used, maybe let that skin thicken a bit? BTW, that was like… 20 hrs ago, lets move on shall we?


Amen to the OP!!! I experience the same exact thing ALL the time! Folks come into the Badlands with super high level teams and, while I win 1 or 2, I’ll get my butt handed to me 3-5 times in a row too.

Also, I thought they were going to address the issue of chaining stuns. It’s stupid that my opponents get 2-4 stuns in a row against my team anytime they want which means they continue to pummel and I have no option but to just sit there and take it.

It doesn’t get better with arena or ranking up! It is all about getting used to getting spanked by higher than you every now and then. I faced two top 10s yesterday with 30 dinos. It was a glorious slaughter!

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Whether you pay or not you lose as many as you win as you settle into your average trophy area.

This happens for everyone. I get the frustration expressed here, everyone has it at times at all levels. I’m not sure what needs to be fixed though.


It seems that Badlands is your top reach at the moment. When you reach your top spot you go down, then if you get to lowest point, you go back up and settle down for some time at range that fits for your team.

You need to work on your team. It’s hard, no easy way, but it’s possible to advance. I’m F2P and i’m currently in Lockwood.
Till Sorna Marshes it’s easy play, then you hit the wall of legendaries.
I was about a month in Sorna, that I could made my team strong enough to advance. Then advanced in Ruins and moved in Lockwood when they lowered requirements. Before the tournament even reached Aviary and stayed there for a day. Since then i’m bouncing between 4100-4300 trophies. Currently I need to level up my dinos way over lvl 20 and create more uniques to advance higher. Probably I’ll be forced to spend some money on the game, cause at higher lvls you need enormous amount of coins.

Also, when you wait on opponent, cancel search after 30-40 seconds as you will have higher chance to get too strong or too weak opponent if you wait longer.

Let’s take a look at what the issue is:

It is going to be like this if you pay or are F2P. You will only advance so far them Dino level/skill come into play and you will reach a plateau. If you are at 2500 Trophies and level up one or two, your new ‘can’t get past this point’ will only be 100 or 200 trophies higher. The more you play/dart, the faster you can advance. And yes, coins do become an issue but there are the Tapjoy offers to help advance, they are free and only take a little time.

This is the nature of the game. You will never, I repeat, never get to a trophy level and remain there. You will fluctuate 200 or more trophies from your ‘ideal’ trophy count. The better your skills/team, the less the fluctuation.

This sounds like you are higher than your team/skill trophy level count should be. You will continue to lose trophies until you reach a point you are matched against similar team level/skill opponents. Then YOU will be the one with the higher level Dino’s and your opponents will come on saying exactly the same thing about your team.

Incorrect. The players who do spend more will advance to a higher trophy count faster, but will run into exactly the same situation you are in. They will be stuck at 4000 or 4500 Trophies and not able to advance AND go through the same win/lose streaks you do.

No matter where you are in the game, everyone is in the same situation you mention in your post, everyone. Those who can afford to put money into the game are just at a higher trophy count.

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i never said i wanted easy. the word i used was competitive.

one way you could make this game more competitive is to be a better opponent for those people who keep beating you.

hunt, evolve, battle, learn.

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i do all those things…except evolve. not being able to pay for things means i got almost a dozen dinos i COULD evolve, except i never have the 40 to 50 K gold to do it.

I find this somewhat baffling. I made it to Sorna Marshes with no dinosaur over 16 except for a level 18 Einiasuchus. That’s only rare, not epic, and I’m having the opposite problem: I do NOT want to advance.

Like, at all.

This is currently my third time deliberately throwing matches to reduce my arena rating to something LESS competitive and more fun; I have 100 dinosaurs, and I would like to try them all against real people, not stick to the dozen or so that are currently the most effective/highest level. However, I also want to get those arena incubators since they’re mostly my chief source of DNA. What I’d love to have is the ability to “turn off” advancement and maybe swap the trophies I get for an equal (and thus paltry) amount of coins, while still losing my standing for anyone who beats me. My opponents can collect their wins and trophies from me and move on to bigger and better arenas, while I stay happy in a lower arena playing around with a multitude of dino team configurations.

I have noticed that the number of lvl 20 dinosaurs on this particular trophy dump hasn’t actually diminished; 1000 trophies down from my earned space and I’m still fighting colossal level numbers. This could be a serious flaw in the arena design, as old players don’t go (and why should they?) but new players are overwhelmed no matter their position.

actually have to laugh right now. even badlands is kicking my butt. five battles and i have 4…count them FOUR, kills.