It's gonna be a good week!

Be even better if I could get the link for the featured creatures to work.

I agree— that’s a fairly decent line-up.


Thank you :grin:

I really like how Ludia is sort of forcing us to pick a lane on this one. Those three epics are ALL very useful. So it’s going to be real hard to choose.


Yep , we never see any of those epics round here . To be honest TRex is the one we see most so the other two will be my choice .

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Rex is a global dino so he spawns in every zone we have.

The other 2 are zone specific so you have to go to their zones to get them.

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It ´s gonna be sino :muscle:

Kapro and sino :two_hearts:

There are Sooo many uniques that are gunna be unlocked this weekend!!

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Unless one fuses 10 every single time…

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Seems likely :thinking:

Well those Dinos look amazing, shame I can’t hit any of them because I have Android 9 and the darting is broken. Thanks Ludia.

Velo, Kapro/Utah and sino. Utahsino is carrying my team atm.

I think Velo, Karpo and Sino for me. Although Ankylo and Trex are tempting too.

Any thoughts on going for utarinex down the road or just sticking with utahsino?

I’m a long way off utarinex, sad face. only got a lvl 11 dracorex and lvl 18 utasino

Haha yh i want indo but need 150 more so even if i do get decent fusions on irex im sure indo will spit out 10s more then likely