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It's great but

I’ve been playing for about a week and I’m in love! The concept is intriguing I know it takes a lot of work to build this type of game but sadly, the gems. It’s the gems!
When you start are they gave me a generous amount but the cost for certain things is too high like the pictures. I lost majority of my gems by spending them on the pictures. Upping the daily rewards buy ten could spread of the collection process. But the cost for things are high.
I even have to decide who and who not to spend my gems on.


Yes! It is very expensive. I’ve never opened a picture because it’s too expensive!! They could at least lower the prices for the gems :pensive:


Yeap, I agree. Very nice idea for application, and is really interesting, but the picture cost 300 gems what is in our country about 3,- Euro, seems little to much…Yes you can collect daily free rewards, but it will takes one week to collect 300 gems :slight_smile: Normaly I have no problem to paid for things which I like, but sped 30 eurs, for 10 pics… :slight_smile: sorry…not possielb

For me really strange setup of prices… this can many people to make a leave the app.

I agree:(((( If at least you could get more gems from daily gems or the prices for things were lower, it’d be better… I’m really restraining myself on what characters I pay to see and say certain dialogues​:pensive::pensive: