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It's hard to meet green supply drops for 36 and 18 attemps, but, it's indoraptor everywhere for 1 attemps

Hey , r you LUDIA mean to fool players , to set such few green supply drops , and you set 36 attemps or 18 attemps, and NOW, for ONLY 1 attemp for indoraptor, it’s green drops everywhere.

is it a new fool day’s celebratoin?


Some people (not me) are casual players. They aren’t chasing green boxes but ludia wants to make sure they see and get a chance to tame indoraptor.

Do i think we need more green box drops yes but not by nerfing the unique events.

Come on! Ludia CLEARLY stated that there would be only one attempt. Like, I would’ve liked more attempts as well, but not more than 3. Remember what happened during st Patty’s? Where everyone and their mother had erlidoms and Thors even though they were like, level 10?

Just be grateful ludia ain’t screwing things up. Please

I see the irony in having Indo everywhere, like literally on every streetcorner, when the regular multiple attempts seem as rare as hen’s teeth.

Typical Ludia logic.

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I just wish they could remove and/or replace them once you did it. So when you get your 1 indo it becomes a standard green drop. But I’m sure that would be coding issues and open up new bugs.

Wish we could just go up to a drop, green or normal, and select which dino we want and then it appears. Or maybe add in a red supply drop that has different spawns and just used for uniques



Yeah, this is absurd. When I only get one shot at it, I absolutely DO NOT NEED to have THREE* OF THEM in range at the same time (with plenty more less than a two minute walk away, if I spun around in a circle I could easily spot them), while only ONE of the green boxes with just a 1 in 3 chance of being the one I’m focused on is in the same area. It was down to the wire this morning, finding enough Sino to get all of my 9 attempts in, because there just were not enough of them in my area, and the few that I found were 99% T-Rex (which, oddly, I’ve got plenty of for now, while I have a severe Sino deficit).

  • The 3rd was just off screen to the right, next to the orange supply drop. I could have sworn I’d gotten it in frame, but probably couldn’t get that and the one a couple of blocks out of range at the top left of the screen (again, like a 3 minute walk away).
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It’s cool to get the unique but for it to be on numerous green supply drops in a row and only having 1 attempt is pretty lame. Especially when there are other dinos you need to find.

Maybe after you shoot your 1 unique it is removed from the map and the other spawns take over.

No sense in seeing a Dino you’ve max attempted (1x) every 50 feet. Next time I’ll share a picture of my street. I had 4 greens in a row and 2 were indoraptor. Why? Incase I missed the other 15 feet away?

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They could do that, but that’s coding… and they’re not really good at that part. But the animations are really pretty…

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