Its impossible to get common dinos

Hello im level 30 and i Just cant unlock common dinos to make hybrids could anyone please help this is so crazy cant even unlock them…


First question how r u lvl 30?


I’m level 35 and I got bontia so you might have to wait for an event for it.

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What do you mean how? From quests

Ah alright its Just really Hard to get commons to make hybrids

It was in JWA category for some reason lol nvm then

u need an event to unlock them (some)

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You have to wait for the unlock events. Your park may age out of the common unlocks to super rares or legendary unlocks before you get them.

Than you have to wait for an unlock week for higher level parks, which is just a week with extra unlock events.

Some ar3 forever locked and you will have get get amber to buy them.

Of the 4 common hybrids, 2 require a dino that is not unlockable (you have to buy with amber or get from packs/prize drop). Alangasaurus is pretty easy to make because the components are majungasaurus and alanqa. Labrynthosaurus requires unlocks you can obtain during an event. Once unlocked you can buy extra copies. There will be a schedule posted every week on the forums so you can check if there will be an unlock for the creature you need that week.

I’m level 94, and I still have three that are locked, however I have every common dinosaur at Level 40. I used amber, which we often get as prizes or gifts, to create the locked ones. It will take a long time, but everything takes a long time in this game. It’s a multi-month/year effort. I wish they had more unlocking events for common/rare/super rare.